pspin's X-Men: Legacy #3 - Prodigal, Part 3 review

X-Men: Legacy #3 Review

X-Men: Legacy #3 Review


Legion tries to save the children he saw last issue.

The Good:

The story is pretty good, especially if you are a Legion fan as not only is he the focus, he gains some control over his ability and has a revelation or two. Here his ability to control the different minds that control all of the powers is linked to his self-confidence, which makes a ton of sense, I am not a big Legion fan but that explanation is very simple and is really good too.

Simon Spurrier writes the issue and does a great job of blending humor and seriousness into the issue that really works. He also deals with the whole “personal revelation about my parents” idea and doesn’t make it really campy, which is good.

Tan Eng Huat once again does the art and it is much easier on the eyes, maybe it is because I got used to it or something but it really works with this issue and looks pretty good.

The cover by Mike Del Mundo is great.

The Bad:

The bad guys, who are supposed to be Yakuza thugs, are terrible. They are a total pain to read as they are either speaking terrible broken English or all having a simultaneous, protracted stroke. Seriously, it was like they were from an old Japanese movie that was dubbed by first graders.


Other than the gangsters, this was a great issue that was supported by good writing and good art. Legion fans will like the issue more so than others. After its shaky start, the series has found its legs and it off at a steady pace.

3.5 (3.7) out of 5

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