pspin's X-Men: Legacy #271 review

X-Men: Legacy #271 Review

X-Men: Legacy #271 Review


Rogue learns about the situation on the planet and starts to help.

The Good:

The story is pretty good, if not terribly original; Rogue is on an alien planet in a war and decides to help after using her Ms. Marvel powers to escape initial contact but they will run out sooner or later. One thing that stood out was that the aliens, Vray, had a fairly fleshed out backstory for only one issue and the fact that after Rouge leaves, they will probably never be used again. The issue mostly deals with Rogue walking a thin line and her thoughts on doing such.

The writing from Christos Gage isn’t his best but for spinning out of a tie-in, it isn’t bad. There is a lot of expository dialogue from the Vray and a lot of inner thoughts from Rogue as well and while it does get wordy, I never found it boring. There are also a few amusing scenes involving Rouge trying to find food and before she goes to bed.

The art by Rafa Sandoval is as good as always and gives the story a little more life to it.

The Bad:

The story is a little slow and a little predictable but since it is spinning out of AvX, it is understandable and not enough to destroy it.


A fun story is set up here that will be entertaining and probably last until the end of AvX when the “real” story will resume. Nothing huge or ground breaking will happen here so if you are looking for amazing action and intense character development, look elsewhere but if you are a fan of Rogue or want to start an X-Book with a fun one time adventure, this is the issue for you.

3.5 out of 5


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