pspin's X-Men: Legacy #270 - Allegiances, Pt. 2 review

X-Men: Legacy #270 Review

X-Men: Legacy #270 Review


Rogue and Ms. Marvel team up to try and escape Magik’s Limbo prison.

The Good:

The Story is pretty good and really shows how much the Phoenix Five have been consumed by their power and their whole neutralize-all-threats mentality. The thing I noticed most was that Magik blames all of her actions on others and how they “made her do it;” then when I read Wolverine and the X-Men, Colossus had a similar attitude and it was cool how they were so consistent. The story itself was pretty good too but with New Avengers #28 tackling a similar concept and doing it better, this issue kind of lost some of its appeal.

One thing that struck me about the issue was how when Rogue used her powers on a demon, she took on its appearance. This was cool because in the TV shows like Evolutions and WatXM she would do it as well but in the comics, at least lately, she does not. While this isn’t a huge deal, it would be very interesting if she took on the physical characteristics of her victims(?) more often as a change of pace.

Christos Gage does a great job with the writing here. It wasn’t groundbreaking or classic by any means, it was all very explanatory and monologue-y, this gave the book a fun feel to it in a throwback kind of way and I enjoyed it.

David Baldeon’s art has me sitting on the fence on one hand the large scenes with lots of people and basically any scene that does not have a close up of a face were really good, the scenes with a close up of the face were not .

The Bad:

The art was again fifty-fifty, the close ups of the faces, particularly the ones where the person had an open mouth, made the faces appear long like they were being stretched out. This isn’t the end of the world but it was enough to be distracting.

Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman and Hawkeye are really being put through the ringer in the X-Men’s prison systems. First they were basically tortured in the X-Brig in New Avengers and now they are in Limbo Prison living out nightmares. Ouch. (This really isn’t a bad thing but it sucks to be them, or their fans.)


A fun issue that has a bit of an old school feel to it with the dialogue. The story isn’t anything amazing but it is executed in a way to make it interesting. The art is split down the middle, some is really good, some is not so good, it’s the reader’s choice. This combines to make a fun issue for fans or anyone looking for a quick read.

4 (3.85) out of 5


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