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Rogue takes them all on.

When Rogue lost Ms Marvel powers, I was worry about how strong she will be and how useful she would be in a fight. If she was going to be taken down easily.

Since she gain control of her powers, she keeps on proving me wrong. When the Avengers came knocking at the Jean Grey institute, Rogue took them all on. Not only did she beat powerful she-hulk, but she rip a robot version of Iron Man apart and then she went on to defeat Ms Marvel in the next story arc.

Rogue show how dangerous she can really be in fight. Not only that she also show that your don’t have to be physical strong to win a fight, sometimes comes down experience and most of time it comes down to how smart you really are and Rogue definitely prove this.

If your Rogue you fan, like me, you should definitely read this story arc. It’s one of best story arcs from X-Men legacy.


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