dj_maximus's X-Men: Legacy #261 - Lost Tribes, Pt. 1 review

X-Men Legacy # 261

Interesting character development going on for Rogue And Gambit going on. Rouge and Rachel Summers are discussing Rouge and Magneto relationship. The explanation is that it is vague and a huge lack of communication involved. On the same boat Gambit just only makes out with Frenzy and she and Gambit decided that it was a mistake. No big deal. Also in this issue we have Exodus attacking Wolverine X-Men team. Exodus at the end of this issues ask that he maybe forgiven for his intrusion and now wants Cyclops head on a platter. Now Wolverines X-Men team has to warm and help Cyclops because he maybe in danger now. My point for both X-Men is that they are not divided. They just have two different opinions. They all don’t have to live together to make each other feel good. However writer Gage feels that the two teams are divided. I don’t see that as true. Both teams still keep contact with one another so to me one will back up the other if needed. I rate this book a 4.5 rating of 5.0 rating. This is how you tell a X-Men book.

1=wack, 1.5=falling asleep, 2=below average, 2.5=pick it up a bit, 3= average, 3.5=dope, 4=good, 4.5=excellent, 5=classic

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    The Cheesy Hope Dampening Powers of the Cliche 0

    When I heard that Gage was taking over this title, I wasn't scared: I was also sad. I dislike Gage, his writing is unoriginal and utter tripe at the best, be it Avengers: The Initiative, Astonishing X-Men, Thunderbolts, and following this epic stint from Carey, I predicted a "fall from grace" situation.I wasn't far off.With 260.1, I was more accepting of Gage: it was a stater issue, drawing the blueprints yadayadayada. With this issue, it didn't improve. His dialogue and ideas within were as cli...

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    Solid, but not great 0

    So, this is a fairly simple, stand alone issue, that has Rogue and the X-Men battling Exodus.It was cool to see Exodus. He is a fairly underutilized villain who doesn't strike me as evil, just very determined. The scene between Rogue and Kid Gladiator was funny, and Blindfold continues to be strangely goofy.I have a few problems with the art. On several battle pages, there are too many lasers and colorful effects that just clutter the pages. Exodus's appearance is also a bit off: his face makes ...

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