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To Fans with love

After a long hiatus of Legacy reviews I thought I'd return for the last issue of Mike Carey's run and I must say we are losing one of the best X-Writers this series has ever seen and he ends it with such poise and Finesse that I grow misty eyed at the thought of losing him.


After discovering an old ally hidden in the depths of nowhere Rogue decides to do one last thing for Utopia that I feel will keep ties closer after the dread of schism, while trying to decide what move is best for her (which we already know because the newbie and Editor X couldn't wait a couple of months before pushing out a series that is the same thing with a new name slapped on it for sales and ratings...but I digress).

My Opinion

This issue was everything I loved about Carey's run; funny, smart, exciting, but most of a melodramatic plot. I don't know where to begin in this issue but I'll try to start at the beginning where Rogue explains her theory on how Ariel survived which I had predicted as well. I loved Ariel bugging the double-mint bad asses about who ate her Bar-b-Que chips I laughed so hard at this part but their facial expressions were priceless but not as funny as how it kept cutting in to Rogue explaining her side. Which brought us to the rescue mission Rogue, still with Ariel's powers decide to plot out her own rescue mission much to the dismay of Nemesis, Rogue gathers one last team to rescue there friend and she brings in an old favorite: Hellion, when we last so him Rogue had some harsh words for the hands free hero but as she explained to him she forgave him because he was trying to make amends for what he did and I guess I can bring him back into my heart to play with X-23 for a bit. So they go in and in good Carey fashion he scientifically explains Rogue's plan and it comes with great success.

But as Rachel pointed out earlier Rogue only had done this to put-off the inevitable deciding where to go; Old concurrent storyline house with a hypocritical overrated badger whose already in 18 other comics but a group of writers feel the need to put his name on another because "hey he doesn't get enough dues" or new sexy interesting storyline rock, which wasn't too good either but at least it wouldn't lead into another "oh no we've been compromised again the bad guys infiltrated a school does there evil know no bounds Hogwarts bull" storyline. Of course we already know but still so we get Rogue deciding and closing off her chapter on Utopia after a groan inducing panel where Magneto and Rogue are in bed. Now no offense to the shippers of Rogneto (especially to the member Rogneto) but I just don't like them together it's like Annie and Jeff it's sweet but it's like thinking of your sister and her best friends uncle. I get Carey was trying to shake it up and we all know if he stayed longer he'd put Rogue in Storms shoes and have her slut it up to the bank with Gambit, Magneto, while playing to Cannonball's wiles, but jeez can we just play up the coy teasing and leave it at that? The only reason I didn't rate this lower was because of it was because I hope when Magneto inevitably returns to the dark side, the writers will have the decency to rock Rogue to her core and have her dealing with this.

So after Korvius gives me more hilarity by stepping to his inferiors and getting punched around but sed cavemen, Rogue says her goodbye to Cyclops. This scene really moved me because it showed Rogue growing up while paying tribute to the man that taught her how to fight for something and do it through any means, which has molded her into the sassy wild child who wings it. While doing this she also gives Scott advice from her knowledge of the past (read as the good old team days) when he was scared to fail but still tried to do the right thing, to now where the ends justify the means. In the end Rogue joins the others in Westchester and walks out of utopia mirroring Carey's departure. The issue was so powerful for many reasons but I think the one that sticks with me is how Carey made Rogue resemble a young girl she's no older than Rachel (I say 2 or 3 years) and we kind of forget that because of the art and how long she was there but Carey really reminds us by her indecisiveness and the way she acted with the others. So ends a great run from a great writer with great art I might add which you'll soon see after my newly found Rogue X:TAS get some action first. So I'll be going to WATXM (¬_¬) ONLY because Rogue is there and I want to see her with the new team (I love Psychics in teams just seeing them push themselves with new ways to use there powers fascinate me) but I'll still keep up with Legacy to see whose up in the story expansion spot that month but with Wolverine and the X-Men I'm sure Rogue will get pushed to the back as wallpaper to which I'll start a Rogue wallpaper watch counter in future reviews so stay tuned!


5.0 out of 5.0

Posted by djotaku

Yeah, I don't remember seeing her in any of the first three issues of WATXM. I certainly remember Ms Pryde and Bobby. And Rachel and Wolverine.

Posted by A-Strondinaire

I didn't either which is why until I actually see solicits that mention Rogue I won't pick it up although Kid Gladiator did look promising.

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