pspin's X-Men: Legacy #259 - Half A Step, Pt. 1 review

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X-Men Legacy 259 Review


After coming to the Regenesis party a bit late, the team needs to choose where they are going, but an old friend stops them.

The Good:

Everything. I absolutely love this issue. The pacing was great, the art was solid and the story is amazing. The way Carey was able to mix in so many characters without crowding the issue was great, the X-men have a great but underused supporting cast. The way that the pirates from the space station react to Schism/Regenesis is also pretty funny. The main story of the issue, finding an old friend (I’ll keep it vague because it is too cool to ruin) is amazing. I honestly forgot about ***** until now and can’t wait for the next issue

The Bad:

Nothing. There is the problem of having certain characters in multiple books already having their minds made up, like Magneto, but it doesn’t detract from the story at all.


5 out of 5

If you have been enjoying the series so far, you will love this. If you like the X-Men at all you should read this. If you haven’t been reading this, you should start but you might ant to pick up the last issue for some details on the backstory. (Not at all needed but recommended.)


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