cafeterialoca's X-Men: Legacy #258 - Five Miles South Of The Universe, Conclusion review


X-Men Legacy 258

The conclusion of this space opera is here.

The Good

I will say that this issue packed a lot of tension. The star looming ever closer was very suspenseful and I was genuinely curious how they would get out of this one. Kudos to them.

The Bad

I think the art is just bland here. Muted colors, odd faces and just a confusing lack of unique physiques for the characters kinda made it hard to tell what was happening a lot of the time. That may be my other complaint, I really did not know who a lot of these other alien characters were, but then again, that could just be my fault.


For an arc that I was going to drop the book from, I honestly think it ended more strongly than it began. Kudos to Carrey, and onwards to the next two issues that will wrap up his long tenure on this book. Also nice to have the Starjammers back.


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    An OK Ending 0

    While we knew, as I said in last issue's review, that the main characters were going to make it out OK (because they were in X-Men: Regenesis) Carey did a good job providing lots of twists and turns to the fight. It was as exciting and dramatic as a fight could be while knowing the outcome. I'm curious to see where this book goes now that Regenesis is in full force, but I'm probably going to end up dropping this book in favor of collecting the trades as things get tight money-wise....

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