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The Morning After 0

The week long rager known as the Age of X has ended and everybody has one hell of a hangover. Emma and the Cuckoos offer their aid to all those who'd rather forget themselves, but not everyone wants to let go of the night that never was.  The Good Really like this cover, the AoX versions of the characters being reflected in blood is a nice touch. Taking a closer look it really has that iconic movie poster feel.  This issue starts off with a very succinct synopses of the events of AoX provided by...

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X-Men: Legacy #248 Video Review by Peteparker 5/5 0

  SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in Video!Sp    ...

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Sometimes, It Just Seems Criminal That Carey's No Main X-Writer 0

The aftermath of the Age of X is here, and Mike Carey makes good on his promise that the Age of X would have consequences as he sets up the next chapter of his X-Men Legacy run.With the way Carey has the characters handle the fallout, it very nearly makes the aftermath the best part of the entire Age fo X story. Everything about it comes off as intelligent and genuine. Having Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos alter people's memories of the alternate timeline is an excellent way of explaining w...

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A Great Start 0

I started reading this story arc from issue #249 and it was so compelling I had to order a copy of this issue.  Man, it REALLY makes me want to pick up Age of X when it comes out on trade paperback.    So, as it explains ni the opening pages, the X-Men were sucked into an alternate reality and when they came back, they still had those memories in addition to their original ones.  It's making it very hard for them to cope and is messing with some relationships.  The results that start here in #24...

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