dark_noldor's X-Men: Legacy #246 - Age of X, Chapter Three review

You can count on the Bartender

The lives of the X-Men sounds much alike Sisyphus, who had to roll a rock upside hill every day, just to see it roll down later every time. Perhaps in an atempt to create harmony and a collective sense of community and peace, Magneto (or even the mysterious X) created an illusion. That´s what Legacy is looking after and what Logan and Basilisk are going to discover too, that all this warfare and Fortress are only illusions. I was disapointed when I read "Age of X - Alpha" and saw Logan´s condition, I thought he had died, but seeing him in action - even not full percent yet - is awesome. I´m a big fan of Carey´s writing and I´m enjoying this story, especially because he changed the narrator in this issue, taking this task to Magneto, what was interesting and good, but there are somethings that could have be already confronted, like why didn´t he interrogated Kitty Pryde? What´s the big mystery behind every captive in the Brig? Other than that this was a good issue, with action, Legacy on the run, amazing art from Mann, great dialogues (Magneto with Box, Logan with Legacy, Logan with Eclipse) and enough juice and information to keep me interesting and salivating for more. Highly recommended.
4.5 out 5


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