zack_freeman's X-Men: Legacy #246 - Age of X, Chapter Three review

Review: X-Men Legacy #246

Reaper's on the run! Now, all the telepaths who've surrounded Fortress X with their shield join the hunt. 

The Good

Part of the fun of "What If...?" stories like this is getting to see characters do things they never get to do in the regular continuity. To that end, it's cool to see Rogue have such command of her powers as Legacy that she's able to just grab powers and memories, left and right, as the situation necessitates. 

The Bad

For an alternate universe seemingly built on the notion of the Scarlet Witch's mutant decimation getting achieved practically, I still feel like the story's way too crowded. You don't really get the sense that mutants' numbers are dwindling when there are unnamed gnomes and naked cherubs running around in Fortress X.

The Verdict -3/5

We're about halfway through this X-Over and I feel like the hook has still yet to drop in. Instead of the clear world gone mad angle of the Age of Apocalypse,  this feels more like an exercise in giving the X-Men slightly different costumes. The trump card may be dealt in the remaining parts of the story but, at the moment, I'm having a hard time seeing this as something distinct.
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Posted by JonesDeini

I was initially against this, but love Mike Carey's writing. I'm a huge fan of his indy title Unwritten and read a friend's copy of the first issue, which intrigued me enough to check this out. I see where you're coming from. But the story's managed to pique my interest and curiosity. I get the feeling that Magnus isn't to be trusted and that there are circles, within circles, within secrets and lies at the foundation of Fortress X. I mean all those telepaths being held in the brig? Curious indeed. 

Posted by Mtti

 Are we reading the same book? 
What I find "distinct" about this Carey story is the fact that we aren't given a "Legion Quest" to spoon feed us what exactly happened to bring this world about. 
The writing makes me feel I am actually with Legacy/Reaper/Rogue on her mission to find out what exactly is going on?  
Things are happening that I picked up on that don't sit right like: 
• why was somebody told to take photo's of the outside world?
• why is there a certain character that should not be there, doing there? 
• Who is "X"? 
• what interesting information did Basilisk (Cyclops) bring to the table.
Also seeing characters acting like they should be written in regular X-Men stories, the action scenes, the mystery.
I find Mike Carey's writing exceptional in terms of story and character development way above Uncanny X-Men and X-Men.
its a shame you don't feel the same but I guess each to their Im on the edge of my seat...woohoo!!

Posted by Sobe Cin

I'm slowly losing interest in the story. But the last two pages have me curious as to what exactly is going on in the story. Magneto's secrets are interesting and all that, but I am more curious as to what is going on with the characters at the end of the book. Not spoiling for the folks who haven't read it.
Posted by xerox_kitty

I'm afraid that I couldn't disagree more.    
For starters, there aren't any telepaths running around Fortress X.  They're all secretly held in the Brig, neutralised by technology.  Wolverine voiced the general belief that there aren't any mutants who can affect the mind & change a person's memories, when he tended to Legacy's wounds.  However, the previews for the next Chapter show the 'Force Warriors' joining the action... but even they don't have any telepathy.
It isn't a "What If...?" story in the same sense that the Age of Apocalypse was almost a 'What If... Magneto saw Charles Xvier die?' story.  As we have not been allowed the luxury of knowing how this world came into being, then we don't really know what has caused this so-called reality... if it is an alternate reality at all.  The lack of telepaths, the camera that took blank pictures outside of the Force Walls, the identical dog-tags that Basilisk took from dead humans & Blindfold's presence are all clues to the connection between the Age of X and the mainstream continuity. 
It's an interesting comparison to say that this is a more logical approach than Scarlet Witch's spell.  I don't agree that is the notion behind the Age of X though.  But it is an interesting way of interpreting the legalised mutant 'cull'.  
I'm sorry you feel that you haven't been hooked by this story, and that you need to compare this to the Age of Apocalypse.  Personally, I've seen enough clues to guess where it's headed.  However, I think the hook is the unravelling mystery, not just seeing how characters we know would react in a different life situation.  

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