a_strondinaire's X-Men: Legacy #243 - Fables of the Reconstruction, Part 2 review

Another New X-Men irks me

After A great setup in the last issue of X-Men Carey brings this simple ish to a close. 

My Opinion 

First thing's first, this is my first 5 rating am I fickle or what? Anyway previously in the pages of Legacy Omega Sentinel attacked her fellow mutant companions after the Nimrod virus spread through her body and messed with her functions. Which leads the X-Men trying to disable their former friend while Hellion is a little too enthusiastic about it. This issue was absolutely a amazing issue it makes me feel Hellions rage about his predicament but it also makes me hate him for it. I mean if you witnessed the unnecessary roughness on Hellion's part you'd be ready to jump through that issue and beat him senseless. I also like Magneto's firm "Explain yourself boy!" it's not like him to just reprimand this new batch of mutants he's never met who not to long ago they were told he was the enemy. Hellion really made me mad this time around he tries to call Cyclops out on his operations  as if they're equals look Keller this man has done some pretty messed up stuff although wrong he's saved the world enough to make these kind of risky moves to at least keep you safe enough to piss people off! If I never saw his face again (which seems foreshadowed at the end) I wouldn't mind this guys had a chip on his shoulder since New X-Men which needs to be eaten or knocked off. 
  Once again Carey's scientific explanation mystifies me to no end to Hellion's explanation on his TK powers to Dr. Nemesis' explanation on Nimrod's virus taking over Karima's body. Finally Carey's characterization is what makes his issues so strong especially for this issue recent Rogue has been all touchy feely guidance counselor and it's lamp-shaded here by Hellion but here there's a spark of old crazy 90's Rogue here to which I loved. This issue gets a five because of the simplicity of the issue it told a story in a story while giving characters important depth and because Karima survived (only kidding). The art was just as weird as before so nothing to speak on there. 
5.0 out of 5.0

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