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Legacy #443 Review

Premise: Omega Sentinel's programming goes haywire and begins attacking the other X-Men who are helping rebuild SF. She quickly dispatches most of them fairly quickly. But before Omega can dispatch Hope, Hellion gets back up and opens a can of utter whup-ass on her to the point where she's ether brain dead or lost all forms of self awareness. Back on Utopia, Cyclops is displeased with Hellion's use of excessive violence and puts Hellion on probation. And if he can't control himself he's gunna get booted off Utopia or thrown in the brig. 
Review: Mike Carey pens a wonderful issue with plenty of action, and Cyclops being a hypocrite. The art is meh  but the story makes up for its poor art. Hellion's future right now is pretty uncertain but its a safe bet that he could be going down the dark path soon.


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    After A great setup in the last issue of X-Men Carey brings this simple ish to a close.   My Opinion First thing's first, this is my first 5 rating am I fickle or what? Anyway previously in the pages of Legacy Omega Sentinel attacked her fellow mutant companions after the Nimrod virus spread through her body and messed with her functions. Which leads the X-Men trying to disable their former friend while Hellion is a little too enthusiastic about it. This issue was absolutely a amazing issue it m...

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