jlat89's X-Men: Legacy #237 - Second Coming, Chapter Twelve review

"Come on you piece of crap!"

As X-Force fights their way through the future, while in the present the X-Men continue to try to hold their ground, holding on to all they all hold dear, just trying to stay alive.   Some actions in the future will have an impact on what happens in the past.  What will the cost be in the end as there are just 2 more chapters till the even is over. 

What You Need To Know.

 Hope is pretty pissed at Scott for sending Cable into the future, even though they all volunteered, must be the teenager in her.  In the future X-Force face the Sentinels.  Magneto finally got off his hospital bed, telling Beast to sit back down and tend to the wounded.  

The Good.

 Mike Carey delivers a solid script, it wasn't the best chapter in the event, but it wasn't a filler and basically fulfilled my expectations from the cliffhanger of the prior chapter.  Magneto's scenes were really good, he said things that make sense to his character so it was really good seeing him show off his skills in this issue.  The stuff that was going on in the future was pretty good, I think they could have focused a little more on it, but then you lose focus of the present fighting.  
The art had some really good moments, there was a two page spread showing both the future and present attacks, which was really cool to see.  

The Bad.

 Hope is supposed to be 16-ish and for the most part it seems that every artist forgets this fact.  The art had really good moments, but there were some moments where it was so-so.  
I understand Hope is 16, but I'm not a fan of her being a crazy person to Cyclops.  Plus her face in that scene is actually pretty frightening.  

The Verdict.

 It was a solid chapter, it wasn't the best.  I I'm looking forward to X-Force's chapter, and with there being 2 chapters left, some things are starting to get resolved.  Some things are still up in the air.  If you're following Second Coming, you'll get this, even if you're getting tired of the event.  If you've waited till now to start reading, I don't know what the crack you're doing.  



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