crimsonspider89's X-Men: Legacy #235 - Second Coming, Chapter Four review

Carey is awesome but

Alright, the writing of this issue was the sh*t which you can always expect with Carey.He does a fantastic job, on par with Kyle and Yost with every character he can touch. Would have been a 5 star issue but Greg Land brought it down. The way he drew Cyke and Logan looking exactly the same and how he constantly draws ALL the characters like models takes away from the said characters. Also, pretty much told you who Hope was in one panel due to how he drew her. 
The Good 
Carey, nothin' more to say 
The fight scenes were intense and awesome 
New respect for Warlock/Cypher 
X-Men learn how Hope is being tracked 
The Bad 
Land, nothin' more to say 
A GREAT issue. Would have given a 5-star but Land rubs me the wrong way. If you can stand Land and like his work, this will be the perfect issue for you but not for me. I cannot stand the way he draws half the characters. Does not feel like you are reading about your characters sometimes. Though he did do a good job this issue better than he usually does.


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