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Things start happening 0

Chapter four of Second Coming and I really thought that is was going to be like the first three chapters. X-men chase Cable and Hope while the Purifiers chase them also. It starts off  where New Mutants ended like the preview says the battle ends with one of the New Mutants fate unknown. Speaking of fate unknown. Nothing is said about Magik but maybe we will have to wait for the next New Mutants to find out. Colossus does not seem to be upset at all about it. It seems that the writers are focusi...

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"Oh Spit." 0

X-Men Legacy is the setting for Second Coming Chapter 4.  As The X-Men get closer, so do Bastion's forces.  Rogue plays an integral part, and a major advantage is about to be taken away.  An member of the team does not make it out of this issue alive.  What You Need To Know. Hope and Cable are back.  The X-Men give them an escape route before they are able to teleport them back.  Scott is trying to get them to Utopia.  X-Force has been outed.  The New Mutants are fighting at a manufacturing faci...

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Cliffhangers just get bigger. 0

Second coming has been interesting through the beginning, but this issue is the one to make you impatient for the next chapter to come.Hope and Cable finally get an involvement with the rest, the new mutants had some hard time and decisions, Cyclops gets to rethinks his whole strategy, the villains really made a big move and gain advantage over the x-men, we even get some deaths, this issue has a lot of things going on.   The Good: The story is pretty consistent and the plot thickens as characte...

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This is WAR!! 0

X-Men Legacy #235 Second Coming: Chapter 4 Usually the first thing I complain about when I pick up any book that has the name Greg Land associated with it is the quality of the art.   This may be a first for me, but I’m going to actually say he clearly produced above his average output this issue.   Yes all the ladies faces looked about the same and there were maybe 4 panels that looked like they could have been traced from this months Penthouse.   This time though there was actually some quali...

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Carey is awesome but 0

Alright, the writing of this issue was the sh*t which you can always expect with Carey.He does a fantastic job, on par with Kyle and Yost with every character he can touch. Would have been a 5 star issue but Greg Land brought it down. The way he drew Cyke and Logan looking exactly the same and how he constantly draws ALL the characters like models takes away from the said characters. Also, pretty much told you who Hope was in one panel due to how he drew her.  The Good Carey, nothin' more to say...

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Self/Friend bad boy 0

The Purifiers, The Right and Bastion's plans to eradicate the mutants are very clear now: they want to eliminate the X-Men's options of movement, so they'd took care of Magik and  Ariel, as The New Mutants achieve a great victory in the battle with Cameron Hodge, giving the Alpha Team the time they need to regroup and come up with a new plan. Since Bastion is following Cable by his T/O Virus, they give Rogue and Nightcrawler the mission of taking Hope to Utopia.   The good is Greg Land´s art!!! ...

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