benzo's X-Men: Legacy #234 - The TellTale Heart review

A Really Cool Rogue Issue!!!

Yep, it's true! Benzo's reviews are back! But this time, there new and improved reviews!( they also come with a twist!*)   
The Plot!
In this issue, Rogue tries to adjust to her new role as a mentor, throughout the issue she is trying the solve probelms relating to other mutants and the x-students. while doing this, rogue has to keep hold of the stepford cuckoos telepathic powers, so they can trace where the pheonix force has gotten to. Plus this issue explores rogue's relationship with gambit and her interaction with magneto.   
The Good!
The cover!! It is amazing, it truly expresses rogue's beauty!  
Indra had great moments, in this book! can't wait to see where Mike carey is taking the character!
The art in this issue was superb,yanick paquette does a great job in this issue!  
The timing is great in this issue and every character gets a great scene too.
Funny monments occur in this issue!! let's just say, nobody should be a telepath, if they think dirty thoughts!!

The characterisation in this issue, was good, this issue shows what it's like to be rogue and how she's dealing with being a mentor. congrats to mike carey for making a great rogue centric issue! ( why isn't this guy writing uncanjny x-men!!??) 
The Bad!
The only problem I had with this issue was that ,there was not much action........ 
But apart from that little problem, there was no problems in this issue at all... 
The Conclusion/ Final words!!
To my conclusion , I would give this issue a 4.5 out of 5! ,top notch characterisation and great art!  
I recommend , this fantastic  issue to any x-men fan, Indra fan,Gambit fan, Magneto fan ,and especially to any Rogue fan!!! 
If your a fan of any of these characters, you should be reading this amazing issue!!!
After reading this issue, I have offically become a huge rogue fan!
The issue is also a great jumping on point to anyone who wants to know more about rogue.
So go to your local comic store and find this issue, if your a rogue fan of course!! (like me!)   
Can't wait for future issues of X:men Legacy!!! Bring it on Mike Carey!!

*The twist, is that I'm not only doing DC reviews now, I am also starting to write marvel and image reviews as well! haha** 
** Yeah I know.... it was crap twist.... but I'm still doing different reviews anyway...stay tuned for more of Benzo's Reviews!!!


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