hrdwrkngxsoldier's X-Men: Legacy #234 - The TellTale Heart review

All about Rogue...mostly

X-Men Legacy #234

First off, a key to this story is we discover that the Pheonix Force is MIA. They aren't able to find it. So we have seen in leave Rachel in space during War of Kings, and we have seen the Force leave the Stepford Cuckoos. This definately has something to do with Hope and Second Coming, just from the teaser images. Scott says he will get the X-club sciece guys on it...I'm sure one of them will be smart enough to look through time, but it may not matter by the time they get things together for SC. When are they gonna get their own mini?

We have a lot of character work being done in this issue for Rogue, Gambit, Magneto, and Indra. All of that just seems a little bit lame as we watch Rogue perform her guidance councler role at the school. Over all the issue was okay.

3 out of 5 dirty thoughts about Rogue.    

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