uncanny89's X-Men: Legacy #233 - Earth Give Up Your Dead, Part 3 review

An ok finish

(Im going to try and be quite critical) 

I thought that this issue was o.k it didnt wow me like the main necrosha book and it really has little impact on the main story over all.  I think that the main reason i wasnt wowed in the first place was because i only really care about a couple of characters here (Rogue, Psylocke and Magneto).  I believe that if this had taken place on Necrosha, Utopia or even San Fransisco it would have felt as though it had more to do with the story, but for me thats where it falls down.  
But its not all negatives as you can see from my rating, i must have liked somethings about the issue.  I found that the more interesting part of the issue was after the big fight sequence and it was mainly to do with Blindfold, Destiny reveals somethings about Blindfolds life which actually made Blindfold an interesting character for me by the end of this arc, for example who is her Brother?  and why did he try to kill her?  there is also quite an emotive scene between Rogue and Destiny which just showed that Destiny and Rogue do have a family relationship and how one can be effected be the others death.   
On to the art now, I think the art in this issue stepped it up a gear in comparison to the previous issues, many of the well designed pannels were to do with the Magneto and Proteus/Blindfold fight as well as the Hust/Proteus and Rogue fights there is just a good use of colour here i think, theres not much m,ore to say about the art, its not bad work really id probably say that Clay Mann has done one of the better jobs on the art than some artist have with the X-Titles. 

My overall score is a 3.5 leaning more towards a 4 just missing out on the basis that im not a major fan of all the charcters used here.  Ive tried to be more critical with this review and it was quite difficult to find negetives for it, i would however reccomend this to any fan of the x-men, there are some characters here that are given quite alot pannel time that without being involved in this arc i wouldnt of cared about or even known about (namely Blindfold) and  now want to know more about their back story. 
Let me know what you think, if you agree or disagree, and what other thoughts you had on the issue  



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