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GIve up my Dead? Not likely.

     An X-Team, made up by Rogue, Magneto, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Husk, Blindfold, and Trance, and an additional Destiny.  Rouge has to do a lot of saving as the rest of the X-Men are all under the control of Proteus, and woof those she do the saving.  While on the outskirts of the earth atmosphere, Magneto is confronting the controlled  blindfold on a piece of rock. 
   Then the UFC fighters show up...... oh wait that was just an advertisement. Booo. The piece of rock where Magneto and Blindfold were at is coming down and man does it fall hard. Oh, but Magneto has survived this and more.  And just like that Proteus is, lets just say a vacation......... it was an epic battle.  Rogue finally is able to speak to Destiny, and had a nice heart warming, goodbye.  If your reading the Necrosha, Destiny makes some comments about the future, but the bottom line is she is not staying, and says Goodbye to Rogue.   Destiny then has a very interesting conversation with Blindfold. Some questions are answered and new questions are created, but this conversation will have some repercussions in the future.
I gave Issue 233 a 4, because it gives a the loose end of Necrosha in this series a nice conclusion.  Nuff said.  The fight scenes are cool and fast passed, while at the end the conversations are more slow paced and illustrate the calm after the storm. The change in the pace didn't steal anything away from the story. Nice Conclusion.
Fleonix say's "No Manches Guey"


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    (Im going to try and be quite critical) I thought that this issue was o.k it didnt wow me like the main necrosha book and it really has little impact on the main story over all.  I think that the main reason i wasnt wowed in the first place was because i only really care about a couple of characters here (Rogue, Psylocke and Magneto).  I believe that if this had taken place on Necrosha, Utopia or even San Fransisco it would have felt as though it had more to do with the story, but for me thats w...

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