obi_wan_kenobi_'s X-Men: Legacy #209 - From Genesis To Revelations, Part 2 review

X-Men: Legacy

This issue is just what a lot of X-men books are lacking: it is very cerebral and has a very clear and evident story too it.

While reading this story, I thought, "hey Magneto isn't really that bad of a guy." If you don't know what I'm talking about just know that Xaier is brain dead and Magneto is depowered because of M-Day. Throughout the whole issue, Magneto makes light of this situation, poking fun at the fact that he and Professor X have pretty much been the authority of the mutant world for decades, and now, they are both powerless and unable to do anything significant in the mutant world. This issue dives head on into Magneto's and Xavier's love/hate relationship and has a tone of nostalgia. I say this because as I read this book, I do start to remember everything that Eric Lensherr and Charles Xavier have done for the mutant community and well, I couldn't help but feel sorry for these two guys. I mean, they've lost almost everything. It seems that Magneto is still set to lose more as this issue shows how the Acolytes are starting to lose their respect for their mentor.

All in all, this book is a great read. Those of you who really care about what's going in the X-men's world have to pick this one up. If you just enjoy the slashing and bashing then this book is not for you.


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