pspin's X-Men: Legacy #11 - Invasive Exotic, Part Two review

X-Men Legacy #11 Review

X-Men Legacy #11 Review


Legion explores more of the newest cure for being a mutant while Blindfold tries to ask for help.

The Good:

The story, once again, is solid. The Legion part of the issues is really good right up until the end and stumbles at the finish line while the Blindfold part is pretty entertaining. Legion’s story is divided into two parts and revolves around him first exploring the Darwin’s Martyrs facility and second into him confronting the dreamspace demon thing that attacked him. The first part is a lot like the last issue and has its own dry humor to it but focuses more on Legion just trying to see what is going on both at face value and deeper. The second part starts off well enough but quickly becomes confusing and crazy. The Blindfold part shows her trying to find people to help rescue Legion, who is not very popular. Chamber, is as usual, hilarious, he has a very dry sense of humor and it works well. Frenzy is typically bitchy and it works well enough, her blunt and fairly crude style is funny if for no other reason than its uniqueness. The third person is Pixie and she is great because she is Pixie and there is no such thing as too much Pixie. (I may or may not really like Pixie.)

The writing by Simon Spurrior is really great on four-fifths of the book and really confusing on the last fifth. The first part with Legion, the entire Blindfold segment and the first part of the dream demon part are great but the last three pages are just confusing.

The art is by Paul Davidson and Tan Eng Huat. Davidson’s art is great and fits the Legion parts well while Huat’s art on the Blindfold parts is a mixed bag and really down to personal preference. The fact that their art blends together fairly well is a major plus as it makes the transitions a bit smoother.

The Bad:

The last part of the dream demon was a bit confusing as to what the dream demon really is be it a construct of Legion’s mind or an outside force. The mystery it provides is nice and it is clearly related to the gold Xavier thing too but some clarity, even just a little hint, would be nice if for no other reason than speculation.

The last three pages on the other hand were just weird, they do serve to connect this series to Uncanny Avengers a bit but still the reveal of the villain (who is on the cover if you look closely) was surprising but not exactly in a good way. It was very sudden and seemed out of character given the subtlety and patience involved. It gave me very mixed feelings.


A great issue until the very end; Simon Spurrior, Paul Davidson, and Tan Eng Huat deliver a great issue and entertaining story. The mystery of the dream demon is interesting but will quickly get old if a hint or red herring isn’t dropped soon. The only good thing about the last three pages is that it will show Legion and probably some other of the lesser X-Men go up against one of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe.

3 (3.5) out of 5

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Posted by CaptainCyke

I loved this issue, and the fact that it was looking to develop a true "Age of X Fallout" arc, then the revealed the villain and I was angered. The villain should really have been left in limbo until he was needed again for the series/writer that created him.

Edited by pspin

@captaincyke: Really? I started reading this after Age of X. I still thought that it was a neat way to tie this into other X-Books, but if there is a villain who Legion needs to confront sooner or later, it is this one; especially after AvX and Uncanny Avengers.

Edited by CaptainCyke


Oh I can see how it can tie into Legion, but it doesn't feel like this would really part of the villain's masterplan in UA.

Edited by pspin

@captaincyke: True, this probably isn't connected to UA except for the villain and maybe a mention or two that doesn't get a big reaction form anyone. It could also be a body double, it wouldn't be the first time; but that would really lessen the impact on Legion's character growth that has been demonstrated throughout the series.

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