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X-Men: Legacy #1 do not disappoint.

Marvel Now's 'X-Men Legacy' is my first comic book encounter with the Legion character and I have to say that I'm his fan already.

I was waiting for the issue one with excitement, grabbing and processing every little teaser available on the internet. So even before I read the comic, I knew who Legion is, who's son he is and what powers he have. I knew what is his state of mind, and of course, because of all that I knew how potentially dangerous he is. I was impressed by the cover and the black and white pencil preview that I downloaded on my phone. I couldn't wait for this book and finally the day has come (thanks to the Comic Guru in Cardiff yeah)!

It was a love from the first sight. The printed edition looked stunning. Cover was so much better on the (brilliant) paper then on the screen. Artwork was attracting from the very first glimpse at it. For me it felt like this bloody ring must have felt for Gollum.

First two pages, I have to admit, were confusing. It did not bother me at the time as I knew the answer on my questions about the space, time and importance of the action presented was waiting for me somewhere within this same issue. And let me tell you something. I was not disappointed. It was great to discover, page after page, how David Haller's state of mind affects his life and those around him. But one may argue that Legion's characteristic can't make a great story on it's own. That's why Simon Spurrier makes David to look for the purpose in life. By doing so he open up the window of possibilities for the future. Legion enjoys helping people and by nature he seems to be a good guy. The problem is that helping doesn't come easy to him and require a lot of self control. Control that is often targeted by many personalities that lives within his own mind. Moments when they take over the body of our 'hero' and display 'their' powers are very dangerous for his surroundings. In this single issue, trying his best to control himself, David make more damage then good. It will be damn interesting to see what will happen next.

I think that the first issue is a great starting point for everyone who is willing to give it a go. Simon Spurrier succeeded in introducing Legion to the new public, and (I hope) in refreshing, reinventing the character to those who knew him before. Spurrier also seeds for the future stories. You may wonder how will Legion stay sane without any help? Or maybe he will get some? What will become the purpose of his life? How will he deal with the death of his father? Who he will meet first? Cyclops? Wolverine? Or maybe someone completely different? Will Blindfold become important part of the story? Etc, etc.

Overall 'Prodigal' is a great comic. True, it feels different from other X-Men books, but for me this observation is far from negative. It doesn't mean that I don't like other X titles. Far from it. It is just great to have a fresh option out there too. For me, both art and writing complete each other very well. I know already, that on the day when issue 2 comes out, 'X-Men Legacy' will be the first comic from my pile that I'll grab and read. With thirst.

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