that60sguy's X-Men: Legacy #1 - Prodigal review

X’s Legacy a $ too far

I’m not familiar with Legion apart from knowing he’s Professor X’s son, apparently the most powerful mutant on Earth (haven’t we got a few of those?) and that he’s crackers. Having read the staff review mention this isn’t a great jumping on point for new readers, albeit it’s an issue #1, I decided to give it a go anyway.

The issue tries to highlight both Legion’s dark side as well as his more comedic personality... and boy does this guy have personalities! The first two pages are downright awful. Yes they make sense later on but when I was actually reading them I just didn’t care. They were boring and confusingly drawn. The story picks up when we finally get to see Legion. The writer does a good job of trying to tell Legion’s origin but it’s still not enough to make you relate to the character. The art is somewhat cartoonish and that makes it a good fit for the lighter moments. However this means during the more “evil” scenes the art feels out of place and doesn’t convey the events appropriately.

I can’t say how existing fans of Legion will react to this issue but I think the majority of new readers will be left thinking “meh”! That’s not really acceptable for a book that costs $3.99… but we’ll get to that later. The last few pages are a much needed improvement and do create somewhat of an intrigue for future issues. People shouldn’t buy this thinking it’s an X-Men book because so far it isn’t. The series does have potential if handled well but I think this may be the first Marvel Now title to get cancelled. I give it 5-6 months.

Finally we come to the price tag. I find it difficult to understand how Marvel can justify pricing this at $3.99/£2.85. That’s the same as Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny Avengers, All-New X-Men and Thor: God of Thunder. Spidey, Avengers and X-Men are obviously premium books and let’s not forget Thor has now been in two successful movies with a third due for release. Legion is neither a premium character nor a well known one. If you view the AR content on this issue, there’s a clip where other Marvel editor’s are struggling to define him themselves! Slapping an X on the title should not be reason enough to charge the extra dollar. I thought long before deciding to buy this issue and unfortunately I made the wrong decision.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I find it difficult to understand how Marvel can justify pricing ANY of those series at $3.99; none of them have any more pages than every $2.99 comic. Raising the prices of the books that are guaranteed to sell well without actually giving us anything extra to make it WORTH the extra dollar is a greedy move, and Marvel really pisses me off with that.

Posted by That60sGuy

@The Mighty Monarch: Agreed.

On top of that the paper quality has SEVERELY decreased on the Marvel Now titles and the covers get easily ruined. Comparing this to the paper quality of some DC titles and even the smaller publishers like Valiant is almost enough to make you give up on Marvel.

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

wait... it's 2.99, not 3.99. I paid Australian $4.50 for it.

Posted by That60sGuy

It had a $3.99 cover price in the UK. That's annoying. I didn't realise they were changing cover price based on region as well!

Posted by baradashi

@That60sGuy: i think the paper quality is lower for the marvel now titles because of the amount of comics they have to print now. i mean, they're cancelling about 5 and introducing like 20 new series, so they can't afford the same quality for them, however, series unrelated to marvel now have the same peper quality as before, like scarlet spiderand other newer ones. i think they'll stop producing cheaply made ones within a year, because they'll have cancelled eough of the marvel now series(it's obviously an experimental initiative so they won't take too long to do it) to afford higher quality paper

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