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After Reading the start of Second Coming i decided to look into Hope more. Finding this one shot issue i thought why not ?, could give an intresting look into the character and how Cable has watched over her. After reading this issue however i feel while it offers some intresting insight into her relationship with stand in father figure Cable, it feels alittle disjointed to read.
The issue is broken into 4 mini stories  ranging from Hope being quite young till mid teens. These time gaps while enabling to show Hopes growth in both skils and age under Cables watchful eye, also make it feel that alot has been missed between skips. This makes the whole the thing feel little more the a gloss-over of a peroid of quite few years even a decade possibly of hopes life.
I think since the recent cable arc has all been about Cable and Hope  they assumed people didnt want to read another Cable training/raising Hope story. Since Hope is yet to display the powers that are meant to mean so much to the mutant community good or bad , i was expecting a more in depth look at her personality and skills. In general i feel the one shot limited this ideas potential i think a small arc would of been better and shown the dynamic between the two better.
The Good
The stories while short do show the relationship between the two well and add alittle more infomration on Hope and her awareness of Cables tough love policy with her.  The art is preety good and the conversations between characters is generally well written.
The Bad
Feels alittle short and doesnt offer alot of new insight into the pairing, perhaps to short as a one shot
The idea i feel is a five star idea , maybe they just wanted to keep some stuff a mystery for Second Coming or maybe they felt it would be like going over old ground from Cable's series , good could of been much more if had alittle more substance which it could of got from 2-3 more issues. 4/5

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

ya totally agree with everything you said.

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