Pictures from the Set: X-Men First Class

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It's a big week for set pictures, and for England as well, as two major films featuring Marvel characters are currently in production: Captain America and X-Men: First Class. Both films take place in the past too. X-Men, which takes place during the 1960s, is well underway out in Oxford, and Bleeding Cool got some pictures from the set.
A small scene was filmed of young Mystique and Professor X leaving a university, while Moira MacTaggert follows behind them. James McAvoy plays Professor Xavier, Jennifer Lawrence plays young Mystique, and Rose Byrne plays Moira McTaggart. To the right we see James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence taking an arm-in-arm walk with each other. Everyone is wearing 60s garb, since the film takes place during that time. So, it looks like Professor Xavier and Mystique have a bit of a relationship goin on? Will that be her role in the film?
== TEASER ==

Here's all the pictures from the set, and while it may be a little hard to tell who is who and what is actually going on, we do get a good sense of location and time period from the set and wardrobe. I know it may be weird to read, but I'm kind of excited we have a 1960s "period piece," if that really makes any sense. We'll get to see some go-go boots, stupid fluffy hats, and maybe even a tight dress with crazy colors on it! Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, we'll get some more stuff from the set. What do you guys think? 
Thanks to ckal for the news hook up!
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I like that the movie is set in the 60s and the photos look good but I would still like to know where this movie stands to the other movies and how the story would be.

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This movie will fail.

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So far virtually all of Fox's Marvel movies have been mediocre at best.  I can't really say I have high hopes for this, but that won't stop me from seeing it opening day because I'm a fanboy =/

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Bleeding Cool is terrible.

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Man I didn't really think they were going to make this why can't they make X-Men origins First or Deadpool the movie!
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Another X-Men movie? 

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@hershey07 said:
" Another X-Men movie?  "
Sadly, yes. I have a feeling this will be the funniest of them all
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i cant wait for this movie its going to be bad ass
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@blade hunter said:
" cool "
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@inferiorego said:
" @hershey07 said:
" Another X-Men movie?  "
Sadly, yes. I have a feeling this will be the funniest of them all "
I see you have high hopes for this movie.
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I wanna see this movie! Hope it'll be good! :D

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Jennifer Lawrence looks kinda hot in that outfit. :D

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I LOVE how James McAvoy is soo committed to the role of Prof. X. 
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this movie looks soooooooo good...............NOT!
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looks cool but still not getting me pumped up 

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I'm going to reserve judgment till I see the finished film.  You can't tell anything from this, so I can't see how people say it looks rubbish.
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failed this movie will suck ass

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very nice and thanks. also thanks for frequently using the image formats and not video, this helps persons with slow internet connections
to join in the fun.
@xerox-kitty said:
" I'm going to reserve judgment till I see the finished film.  You can't tell anything from this, so I can't see how people say it looks rubbish. "

I'm with you. added as far as i'm concerned X-men has hit two good out of three so far, and third could have passed if it hadn't made a few
choice changes and been rushed out.
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I am a huge x-men fan, however this film as with all the other x films will be complete rubbish, but on the other hand I must stayy true to myself and admit I will be the first  in line to see this X-FAILER.

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