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X-Men: First Class review

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I am not going to win any new friends with this and considering how most reviews of these movie range from 4 out of 5 stars or 5 out of 5 stars I am going to be a minority here... But I will say it anyway... X-Men First Class sucks so hard. And I know why so many people loved it perhaps even more than the original X-Men trilogy its because of tecnical details were superior and the acting much more powerful. And I agree, but in this case they weren't enough to save the movie for me. I am not being contrarian for the hell of it. I absolutely love the X-Men comics and movies and you have no idea how much I wanted to love this movie and it pains me a great deal that everybody loved it but me.

- At first it sounded like a good idea casting January Jones to play Emma Frost because she can be the ice queen pretty well. Turns out she makes one of the worst performances in superhero movies ever. She is so stale, dull and boring. She is not even sexy and that is what blows me away because if she was just for no reason to be here only eye candy I would get that. But she is so lifeless and dead that she helps to derail this flick even more.

- The plot makes no sense and absolutely hinges on a unlikely possibility. The big bad Sebastian Shaw wants to start World War III between Americans and Russians so that Mutants can come out on top... Alright, what if mutants don't survive the war too? What makes him think they will just accept him as their leader? What happens if his plans go south? Maybe he didn't think this through...

- If Eric wanted to kill Shaw for murdering his mother, why he didn't do it right after he killed her? I mean, he got into a fit of murderous rage and started to crush and destroy everything around him. Remember, when this takes place in the movie we have no idea that the Nazi who just killed Magneto’s mom is the main villain, or that he is a mutant, or even that he is Kevin Bacon So there we are, watching this thing, expecting this mom-killing Nazi piece of s*** to get his head handed to him and . . . nothing. Magneto kills everybody else, but not this guy. And the only reason I can figure he didn’t kill this guy is that – if he had – the movie would be over and we wouldn’t have to sit through 2 plus hours of Magneto looking for revenge against the guy who killed his mommy.

- Beast looks absolutely atrocious at the end. I don't know if its the makeup or the actor's fault because he is staring weirdly every time there is close shot of his face. His powers are also very poorly defined, he is supposed to be super strong and agile but the movie only shows that his feet have opposable thumbs. Also I call bulls*** on his angst over his mutant nature, compared to some cases, he is not hideously deformed (at least in the beginning) and could hide his situation pretty well from others until Charles accidentaly revealed it. Seriously he is whining for nothing.

- Where the hell Shaw got that telepathy-blocking helmet? Seriously he mentioned that the Russians made it... and that is it!! They never explained what kind of device is this, which material is made and how is able to block telepathy.

- Also, Charles, I got it, killing Shaw won't bring peace to Erik (it certainly didn't), but what other option do we exactly have? The guy just absorbed the better part of the power from a nuclear reactor. If he even think about it, bang, there goes Cuba first and then the world. Killing the bastard right now is 200% justified, even before you factor in the fact that he is a former Nazi, a psychopathic monster, a mass murderer, a person of mass destruction, and he killed Erik's mom just before his eyes. And reminding Eric (a Holocaust survivor) that the people he might be killing are just doing their jobs... Not the best idea ever.

- Now a genuine complaint I can't believe how so many people ignore it: this movie is blantantly racist and mysognistic. How can a movie with a repressed minority being the protagonist be racist? When Shaw is making his speech toward the X-Men, the camera pans over Darwin (the only black member of the group) the moment he says "enslaved". As if that wasn't awkward enough, guess what happens next? Darwin tries to attack Shaw and he gets killed. Not only perpetuating the insanely outdated stereotype "the black dude dies first" but his death comes off as specially moronic when his adaptive powers are supposed to make him survive anything. But that is not enough... Angel Salvadore (a female Hispanic) chooses to side with the bad guys despite the fact they just killed one of her friends. After that, there are only White American people left in the X-Men, a group supposed to be etnically diverse. By the end of the movie, Mystique chooses to betray her brother and sides with Magneto while Agent MacTaggert is mind-wiped and her reputation with CIA is left stained. So in there is only White American Male people left in X-Men after that. I have no idea why people who loved this movie don't think about this aspect.

- The ending contradicts the events from the trilogy, specifically a flashback scene from the third movie that shows Xavier and Eric as friends while they are still old people, while in this movie, Eric becomes Magneto and Xavier a cripple much earlier than we thought. Is this movie supposed to be a prequel or a reboot?! This movie also establishes it was Hank who build Cerebro, when Xavier said it was him and Magneto who build it together. Continuity is all over the place on this movie. Its clear that Matthew Vaugh didn't care for the previous movies and decide to make this movie as he pleased.

So yeah, I hated this freaking movie and felt absolutely miserable watching it. I really wanted to enjoy it like everyone else but no. I can't. I am very sorry.


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