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First Class Movie 0

I do realize that some people here on the vine are extremely loyal to the original source material and to canon, and obviously as people know, this movie isn't really loyal to the original comics. But I believe that you have to evaluate the movie as a movie, and not a comic book, while still appreciating the comic book characters, easter eggs and references.   Now as I live in the UK, the movie came out today (1st June 2011) over here I realize it's not coming out for a little while in other cou...

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keep digging your hole 0

 Those who know me know how how much of a stickler i am for original canon. Every comic movie has irked me in at least a dozen ways with their pointless and unintelligent changes to the wonderful works of art they draw from.   The friend i saw the midnight showing with (a moderate comic reader who knows allot of the broader strokes of comic stories, but few of the fine details) knew this about me, and suggested i enjoy the movie as a continuation of the current franchise, and not a movie ...

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First Class or Second Rate? 0

 Xmen first class is the second of four major comic book adaptations to hit the silver screen in the summer of 2011 and is a prequel to the popular Xmen film quadrilogy. But after mixed opinions of the previous two Xmen films from fans and critics, can the latest film bring life back to this household name? Xmen first class, directed by Mathew Vaughn and distributed by Twentieth century fox; is the latest in the long line of Xmen films based on Marvels popular franchise and is the prequel to the...

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Not Canon, but good overall 0

This movie was very entertaining and I'd definitely recommend that you watch it. I know that there are a bunch of canon huggers out there, but if you come at it from the perspective of just watching a superhero movie, I think you'll really enjoy it. The good The performances for both Magneto and Xavier were SUPERB. Obviously, you don't go to a comic book movie to watch actors at the pinnacles of their craft, but this movie breaks the mold in that aspect. These guys really carry the movie and I w...

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Mags in sweats 0

For the information of gentle readers: this review is spoiler free (as far as I can tell, and I should be able to tell - I wrote it.).  X-Men: First Class a prequel of sorts that serves to bring the X-franchise back to basics after the underwhelming X-Men: The Last Stand and the incredibly dull X-Men: Origins movie. Following established characters Professor X and Magneto before they were Professor X and Magneto (and before they were dear old Patrick Stewart and that silver stallion Ian McKellen...

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First Class is Amazing!!!!!!! 0

This was a great x-men movie. I enjoyed it so much and it had alot of great things. It had a great cast like Magneto and Professor X and so many more. The story was great and even though it wasn't like the comic it still was a blast. The ending will surprise people. Overall I'm giving it 4/5 because it was full of fun, action, laughs and provide a great story with an amazing cast.   SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.Hugh Jackman is in the movie as our favorite Wolverine...

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Children of the Atom 0

Definitely the best movie of the X-Men franchise ever, combining great performances, interesting characters, a thrilling and exciting story and the right amount of action, this flick was astonishing, especially because of the antagonical visions of Xavier and Magneto regarding the future of the mutants brewing up and growing in intensity as the story was told, also it was very intelligent how some concepts like the Hellfire Clube was designed (a club looking for take over power), how some...

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No, they WERE kids 0

I think both superhero movies and sequel/prequel movies have really stepped it up this year. They really have placed the creation of both in good hands. There is almost a science of putting suttle nods to the original that fans will eat up and keeping it accessible enough that new comers can relate. First Class does a great job of that including appearances of mutants from earlier films that made me smile.The advantage that First Class has over Marvel movies that are made by Marvel Studios is th...

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Bad Idea, but Good Execution 0

X-Men: First Class, released in 2011 and directed by Matthew Vaughn, is at best a fun, well made summer flick, useful for the revival of the franchise, and at worst a polarizing film whose only bold steps involve blatant disregard for continuity of the source material. That being said, longtime comic book and X-Men fans should enjoy watching this film (maybe not thinking about it) for its stylish direction and the good acting by its good actors, such as Fassbender, McAvoy, and Bacon. It is inter...

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"Killing will not bring you peace" 0

X-Men First Class was a pleasent surprise for me as I expected this movie to turn out as a disappointment judging by previous comments, thoughts and so called "rushed" production.As many before me stated, the movie isn't completely a reboot, but a prequel for previous X-Men movies with sometimes major continuity errors like how did Xavier got paralyzed before being bald as he was walking at the end of  "X-Men Origins:Wolverine" and in the beginning of "X-Men 3".If you close your eyes upon these ...

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Enroll Today! 0

Well two years after the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a new prequel has come out, X-Men First Class. In First Class, the setting of the origins takes place in 1960s, and explains how Charles Xavier(James McAvoy) and Erik Lensherr(Michael Fassbander) meet and become Professor X and Magneto and lead the new race of mutants, While the nation is going through the Cuban Missile Crisis. Prequels usually focus on how the villain came to be, like Star Wars or Smallville, how Darth Vader or Lex ...

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X-men: First Class Review 0

I did not know how to react to this film. for me X-Men Origins: Wolverine was the last straw for how much they butchered Deadpool, which I refer to as my Bat Credit Card (see Nostalgia Critic). I saw previews for this and saw who was going to be in it, the mutants, the setting and after watching it despite continuity errors,  plot holes, and the big changes to certain characters especially with Havok, Banshee, Moira Mactaggert. and Emma Frost...I liked it  I think this  would make me happier if ...

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Must see! 0

I really liked the movie. Sure they tried to put in a little to much of history elements, which are not comic conform, but they made a good mix of action and emotion without overdoing it. It happened a lot in that short time but you never feel overloaded. A really nice movie, even when you are not into X-Men so far. After that movie you do!...

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Damn! 0

The reason i give this moie 1 star is becase the only thing i likd was magneto. That being said i really dont understand how people really like and praise this movie. Ok, I understan that it is a comic book movie and isnt going to stay true to the comic but seriously who the hell was that fire spitting girl(she was hot though).The acting sucked and somewere on this site someone said it stayed ture to the character of beast,That was real stupid. Beast in this movie was super retarded his power wa...

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A Welcome Improvement 0

I was a big fan of the X-Men, particularly their re-launch in Giant Size X-Men #1 with a new team led by the old leader, Cyclops. I followed that title regularly until it started going down hill during the 'Fall of the Mutants' and 'Inferno' storylines at the end of the 80s. So along comes this movie - which totally trashes the X-Men's history as told in the comics... and yet I loved it.  Well, maybe not loved it - the first two X films are still superior - but after the not-very-good X-Men: The...

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First Class Movie 0

Story:The history of Professor X and Magneto is told and when they meet,they gather the X-Men to defeat Sebastian Shaw and stop the begining of World War Three.  The Good The movie's plot line cleverly interwines the existing of mutants with real historycal events(American-Russian),the Hollocaust event and the Cuban missile crisis and the role the mutants have to play is really nice.The combination between History and Mutants is really well done and I liked it.  After I saw the clips of the movi...

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Excellent 0

Okay, i finally caught up with the second superhero movie of the summer.I have to say, it was really a good movie. Granted it played around with the history of the comics, and as a matter of fact it rearranged some of the movie history, but as a reboot goes, it did its job well.I would like to see Charles really just power out as Professor Xavier, and show that the helmet Magneto wears really doesn't mean shit. He is always shown under powered. Even in the comics, he is always suffering a head i...

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X-Men First Class 0

X-Men: First ClassSynopsisYoung Xavier recruits a new team of X-Men in order to stop the Cuban Missile Crisis which is being staged by an evil mutant named Sebastian Shaw.The GoodEver since the last four X-Men movies came out, comic book fans were kinda outraged by the fact that there are certain changes made to our beloved characters. But this movie was able to deliver the goods. I may not be a fan of such changes. I gotta say this movie is one of the best X-Men movies that I have ever watched ...

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B.O.S.S 0

B) Bad@$$O) OmazingS) SweetS) Sickbadassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...

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A Class 1 Movie! 0

It had not been very long after the Marvel studios movie "Thor" had come by and there was this new X-Men First Class released. I feel Marvel studios is doing a fantastic job bringing their most popular comic characters and teams on to the silver screen.Let me give a brief about X-Men and their evolution details before I begin talking about this movie. The story of X-Men, per marvel comics, begin with the growing number of mutants in the world, the normal humans' reaction towards them and some of...

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X-Men: First Class review 0

(may contain spoilers)I am not going to win any new friends with this and considering how most reviews of these movie range from 4 out of 5 stars or 5 out of 5 stars I am going to be a minority here... But I will say it anyway... X-Men First Class sucks so hard. And I know why so many people loved it perhaps even more than the original X-Men trilogy its because of tecnical details were superior and the acting much more powerful. And I agree, but in this case they weren't enough to save the movie...

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Children of the Atom 2

After recently seeing The Wolverine at the cinemas the other day I decided to go through the X-Men film collection, but this time in chronological order (though I accidentally watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine first thinking it was set earlier), continuing with this.PlotSPOILER FREEIn 1962 mutants are starting to emerge with Charles Xavier, and Magneto finding new mutants to take on the evil Sebastian Shaw, and his Hellfire Club who plan on starting World War III.ReviewThis was a terrific film, a...

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First Class Film 0

I have to say that this movie was one of the best reboots that I have seen and probably helped save the X-Men franchise considering the bomb that they had X3: The Last Stand and the so-so X-Men Origins: Wolverine.What truly impressed me was that they chose to focus on Professor Xavier and Magneto. These two major characters barely get any screen time in the previous films and thus, we’re left with a question mark to their past. I also personally enjoyed the fact that they interwove the eve...

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