X-Men: The Lame Class

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I’m happy that the costumes at least resemble the traditional X-Men suits. Not so thrilled about McAvoy’s wonderful hair though. I mean, Xavier has always been bald. Its an unspoken thing in the comics that his baldness is related to his powers. Still not sure why Azazel is even involved with this movie. Considering that he hooked up Mystique (they are Nightcrawler’s parents), and she looks to be a teenager in this movie, that might be breaking some laws somewhere. Beast is hidden in the shadows… and blue! Did the filmmakers read the comic, or even see it?! The dude with the huge feet on the comic cover below is Beast. Notice he is not blue, at all. (Although, I’ve got to bring this up, why in the world is Angel holding a bazooka?)

Two other wonderful (read: horrible) things about this movie is the inclusion of Havoc, which is spelled wrong, and Angel (the girl). Ok, check this: Cyclops was in X-Men 1 & 2 before dying prematurely in X-Men: The Last Stand. Those movies take place in the year 2000 and later. He is the older brother of Alex, also called Havok. So how is Alex/Havok in the period movie of X-Men: First Class? It takes place in the 60′s. That math don’t add up no matter how you spin it. Angel Salvadore is a newer character introduced in the comics in 2001, as a teenager. There were other mutants that were around back then. I think Angel was more of a studio decision, to have more diversity in the lineup. 
This is not the first class of X-Men.    

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1. Filmmakers read comic? Now why would they do that? They just let that overrated Bryan Singer write the story who doesn't read the comics then they had other writers who also didnt read any of the comics, re-edit the story a few times so that it agrees with Matthew Vaughn who also dont read the comics.  

2.I believe Havoc is spelled different than Havok cause  Havok isn't going to be related to Scott Summers. He is just going to a guy who happens to have the same last name as Scott. Blame your homie, Bryan Singer. he came up with that and everyone on the crew jumped onboard. 
3. To be honest Angel is put in there just to fill the quota. i feel the same way as you about why is Angel in here but seriously it just to keep the cast diversified and not have jokes cracked at the cast similar to LOTR cast calling it a Republican Convention. Plus I guess having Lenny Kravitz's daughter in it is suppose to do something for selling tickets....what? I don't know.
4.Azazel was put in so people can have the nightcrawler Bamf satisfaction that stole the show from X2 and was pissed that it wasn't in X3. Since Mystique was going to be in the movie and they have a connection with a character that was in a previous movie might as well do throw in something that will sell tickets. Bryan Singer was it as a win-win. 
5. Xavier not being bald....once again blame the director you love for Superman Returns, Bryan Singer. He wanted to show Xavier as being a just one of the guys. So having hair and having James Mccavoy reeact Wesley Gibson(Pre-Killer) is just a way of saying that Xavier was normal "Just of the guys" kind of person before he was in a wheelchair. In others words being a young shaved head activist in the 60s with a vision to stomp on racism is not normal. Or the other alternative.......They couldn't find a young actor willing to shave off their fauxhawk and the Smallville Lex Luthor dude wouldnt return Bryan's phone calls to be professor X.   



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Yeah, I don't like Singer. Fox loves him and bends over backwards for him. It's pretty annoying how much they blew up his ego. He's not a bad director, just not everything and a bag of chips. I actually like the McAvoy casting, and he was all set to go bald but a Fox exec nixed the idea. I think I like most of the actors involved, but not for the parts they have. Fassbender is cool too, not sure about him as Magneto though. I've always seen him with white hair and older. I'll see the movie, but not in the theater.

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@g33ky monk3y:
I hate Bryan Singer with a passion. I do not understand how either of the Xmen movies were good. I can forgive him about the plot...fine. But how can people who are fans of Xmen smile at a movie where Wolverine's wounds heal up and then after touching Rogue then wounds and scars appear  back again.  Movies with lack of basic science is real pet peeve of mine.  
As for Xmen First class. I like the actors picked. I'm still very skeptical hippo about kevin beacon being Sebastian Shaw. It makes me giggle but also still wonder how did Kevin Beacon get picked. I know he can do the part if he really tries. Its just that Footloose was the first movie i have seen of Kevin beacon so matter what movie i see with him in. I expect for him to do a dance routine with kenny loggins in the background. No matter how crappy this movie gets if Kevin beacon dance, i don't care what kind of dance. Mosh, Breakdance, Running man, Line dance.....anything with dancing.  I will defend this movie with everything.  
 I almost exploded in my pants when i first heard michael fassbender was magneto. But image wise I felt the roles should have been reversed. I think Michael Fassbender look more like Picard and james Mccavoy look more like Gandalf. But stoil they both can knock ether role out the park. I actually feel bad in a way for james cause we know with every scene he's in with Michael. Michael will be stealing the show since Xavier won't be how we all know Xavier and Erik will be like in the comics.

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