X-Men First Class Continuity Problems

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ComicVine recently uploaded an article concerning the continuity issues that have presented themselves within the upcoming X-Men First Class.   
Now for me I'm more pro-active so instead of just pointing out the continuity in the movie I thought it'd be more fun to try and use my oh so sexy X-Men knowledge to try and resolve these issues (God...I am so lonely T_T).      
Issue 1- Emma Frost is Immortal (a woman who always wears skimpy lingerie never aging...WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS?!) 
One of the issues raised by fanboys is the presence of Emma Frost in the movie. Wolverine Origins had already featured the appearance of ANOTHER Emma Frost. Why is this an issue? Well, the Emma Frost in the Wolverine movie is clearly younger and years a lot more clothing.  
I'll take older and less clothes any day!

For fans this cannot be forgiven. The Wolverine film occurred many years after the events of X-Men First Class because an older Charles Xavier makes an appearance at the end of Wolverine to welcome to fleeing students (oh snap totally spoiled that!). So how does one explain the present of a totally hot blonde woman getting younger?  
 Depicted: Best Idea Ever
My Answer 
Maybe this younger Emma isn't actually Emma per say. What if it's her clone? Wow, that sounds lame. But in any case there is a precedent. In the comic books Emma does have several clones of herself running around. They're called the Stephford Cuckoos. Apparently someone though it'd be a great idea to clone a blonde hottie who has a known practice of wearing a corset as a functional top. F*ck Doctor Doom and Reed Richard, whoever came up with that scheme is Earth 616's most brilliant mind!      
In any case what if this "younger" Emma was an experiment by Weapon X to make a copy of Emma Frost? While Silver Fox does refer to the character as her "sister" maybe it's merely a term of endearment and doesn't actually refer to their biological relationship. Or what if Silver Fox herself is a clone of Emma as well? I mean her ability does involve a certain degree of telepathy. Maybe she altered her appearance when she was assigned as a field operative to watch Logan? Or skipping all the scientific hooballajoo what if Emma and Silver Fox are Emma's actual daughters? I mean the film continuity allows a certain degree of flexibility and as we'll probably see with Azazel and Mystique, mutant powers tend to carry on in offspring which Emma and Silver Fox do as well. It'd also make totally sense for someone as elitist as Emma to name her daughter after herself? 
Those're my ideas at least.  Onto the next conundrum! 
Issue 2 The Ever Changing Beast 
While his appearance was brief, Hank McCoy did grace the big screen in the second X-Men film. Admittedly with a somewhat different appearance than we're used to. This follows comic book continuity when Beast transforms from a human state into his furry blue form that we know and love. 
    However the issue is, in the second film Hank is in his human form but by the third film he's advanced into his bestial appearance. Yet, within the trailer for the new film we clearly see Hank making the big leap from human to furball. So what gives? Did he switch back and forth for a short bit during the time between X-Men 1 and 3?            
My Answer     
Nightcrawler had this same problem. His mutant appearance was fairly frightening so for a period of time he carried a portable holographic generator called an Image Inducer designed by Forge. Hank's used one before so maybe to keep the audience from throwing lynching him and then turning him into a floor rug when he's in the general public. Xavier would totally understand the value of having Hank's scientific expertise defend the mutant cause while he pretends to be a human. Jean Grey did the exact same thing in the first movie in court so it makes sense.   
 It turns the Beast from a blue hairy nerd to just a...well regular nerd

So those are my thoughts on the two continuity issues! For the few people that decide to check this blog out let me know if you have any of your ideas? Or if you have criticisms on my thoughts feel free to comment. They will be largely ignored (I kid...ish). 

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