X-Men First Class 2 & 3 Cast/Story

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I would like to see in a 2nd or third one: 
Mystique and Azazel getting together and Mystique getting pregnant with  Kurt 
Banshee and Havok's reasons for leaving the team, Banshee finding a girlfriend to have Theresa who is in the first x-films 
Storm joining the team and befriending Hank since they knew each other in X-3 
Beast leaving the team 
Riptide and Angel both leaving the botherhood 
Magneto finding toad and Sabretooth 
Erik having Quicksilver and Wanda since they are born in this reality since they were on Stryker's list in X2
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It all depends upon how much money this movie will make for Disney.  Did you notice how there was no scene after the credits for this movie?
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@Malhavok: yes! waited until the very end and nothing! 
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Although he isn't my number one favorite X-Man, I would like to see Gambit play a role or make an appearance. I'm suprised he hasn't yet...
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One thing they need to do is....for the love of God please recast Emma...a block of wood could deliverer lines better =/

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I thought she did a decent job.. But I agree she read the lines too boring. That snakry Emma attitude wasn't there :(

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