What would you do?: If Charles or Erik recruited you to join them

Posted by Doctor!!!!! (2055 posts) - - Show Bio

X-Men First Class is out Today! and in honor of the best movie of the franchise, What if you were a mutant and Charles or Erik Recruited you to join there team of mutant fighters, The X-men.
Promotional Poster - First Class!!!!
#1 Posted by Doctor!!!!! (2055 posts) - - Show Bio

A young Charles and Erik..... Of course i will!
#2 Edited by Edamame (28386 posts) - - Show Bio

I would say what Wolverine said in his cameo in X-Men: First Class. LOL

#3 Posted by Deranged Midget (17823 posts) - - Show Bio

@Edamame: EPIC WIN!

#4 Posted by FireFlare153 (107 posts) - - Show Bio

Make like wolverine and tell them both to..... nah! I'd join
#5 Posted by turoksonofstone (13200 posts) - - Show Bio

Since Magneto is right in his beliefs I would gladly use my "mutant" abilities to get close enough for a fatal franchise ending strike.

#6 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (13599 posts) - - Show Bio

heck, id go with Chuck all the way
#7 Edited by FadeToBlackBolt (23334 posts) - - Show Bio

Surpass them both and go nail Emma. Victory.

#8 Posted by Aiden Cross (15575 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd join to learn to control my powers.. and when they ask me to fight i'm out of there.

#9 Posted by Wise Son (1772 posts) - - Show Bio
Sign me up for one of those swanky spandex suits. 
#10 Posted by Doctor!!!!! (2055 posts) - - Show Bio
@Wise Son:  
Yellow was my color!
#11 Posted by Kairan1979 (16897 posts) - - Show Bio

(to Xavier): "I'm NOT wearing yellow tights!" 
(to Magneto): "Where do I sign?"

#12 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (7949 posts) - - Show Bio

As right about the world as Erik is, have to say Charles.

#13 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29510 posts) - - Show Bio

For once, I'd emulate Wolverine...

#14 Posted by EdwardWindsor (14430 posts) - - Show Bio

Join them obviously.

#15 Edited by ComicMan24 (147115 posts) - - Show Bio

I would say no.

#16 Posted by War Killer (20374 posts) - - Show Bio

Screw the X-Men, I'm joining the Avengers xP

#17 Posted by Jotham (4564 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes, I would join.

#18 Posted by CellphoneGirl (18858 posts) - - Show Bio

I would so join.

#19 Posted by joshmightbe (25006 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd go with them long enough to learn to control my power then I'd go join the Avengers

#20 Posted by Tigerstriper (455 posts) - - Show Bio

@Doctor!!!!!: Having not seen the movie, I don't know what I'd say. It's likely that I'd join, but I'm feeling disagreeable at the moment.

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