Question Concerning First Class....

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I'm sure you're all already tired to the First Class forums but I just have a quick question. Maybe I just didn't notice; but did Riptide & Azazel have any lines? I honestly don't recall them saying anything.

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I remember Azazel in one scene talking to Riptide, saying like  
"Dude, you were created by Chris Claremont"  
then Riptide was like 
"and so what?"  
then Azazel, was like  
"I was created by Chuck Austen!! FML" 
then Riptide was like 
"LOL sucks for you ^%$&^ LMAO" 

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Azazel had a few one word lines.   Like when Emma Frost was asking him about the radar and sonar picking up anything.

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Seriously though, I recall Azrael speaking once or twice, but I'm almost positive that Riptide never said a single word.

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@SC said:
I remember Azazel in one scene talking to Riptide, saying like   "Dude, you were created by Chris Claremont"   then Riptide was like  "and so what?"   then Azazel, was like   "I was created by Chuck Austen!! FML"  then Riptide was like   "LOL sucks for you ^%$&^ LMAO" 
LMAO! Made my day. 
@Green Skin: @-Eclipse-:  Yeah, I can like vaguely recall Azazel speaking. But f'sure Riptide didn't say anything right? I'm going to watch it again this week. I'll pay close attention to him this time around. :P
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I recall some of Azazel's lines. 

#7 Posted by ZacCooper (107 posts) - - Show Bio

I only remember Azazel grunting throughout the whole film lol and I don't think Riptide did say a thing

#8 Posted by Edamame (28524 posts) - - Show Bio

I recall Azazel saying the following:

That's all that I remember.  I find it interesting how Azazel went from speaking German to Russian to English. 
Obviously, Azazel didn't say much, but Riptide literally didn't say anything. 

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