Havok, Beast & Banshee Get Their Due In These X-Men First Class Trailers

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 Care Bear stare!

Matthew Vaughn’s already put out some rad comics-based flicks with KICK-ASS and STARDUST  (well, close enough)… I think we all should’ve given him some more faith while we were watching the development of FIRST CLASS. Every new trailer makes the movie look that much more appealing and these character spots (an evolution of character posters?) have kicked my anticipation up and over the cliff. Hard to believe it’s only about a month away from coming out, huh?

Check out these spots from  MTV, along with my highly-astute notes and observations. If you can’t see them, refer to my screenshots above… == TEASER == 


  They identify Havok  as Alex Summers in this clip, so we know he’s got to be related to   Cyclops. However, we’ve already seen a young Cyke in the 80s in WOLVERINE, so I’m going to guess that they’ll change him to Scott’s older brother or uncle or cousin or (gasp!) father? Interestingly enough, they’ve made his plasma blasts red to look more like Cyclops’ optic blasts.


Looks like Beast is going to be working with Oliver Platt’s mysterious “Man in Black” for the government and, as I surmised with the second trailer, he’s going to be romancing Mystique (though it looks like she's doing all the romancing. Wow, she’s an aggressive girl.) Obviously, his bestial transformation’s going to be a big part of his arc, but will it be the result of a chemical drink-up or a secondary mutation?


  Manta ray suit accessories, ginger boy Banshee  is the most different out of the three here. You’ll recall that he was introduced to the X-Men as an adult, Irish terrorist who'd fallen astray after years as an agent of Interpol, not as a young, American lad with bad game. I’ll be curious if they end up explicitly linking him to Siryn’s cameo in X2.

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First grade was hard for me!  But I made it through in only three tries!

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not bad.....really not bad.


this movies looking better

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nope thanks anyway...

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care bears count down 5,4,3,2,1!

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can't wait

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That's it, I am officially convinced that this film will be... awesome. :)

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Banshee looks pretty beast and beast kinda looks ok, but havok is probably the worst the hole needing a chest suit thing is just not working for me the whole part about havok was that he was different from his brother he could actually control his powers which was cool cause he could do amazing things with them.
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Yup I'll definitely give this movie a try now

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None, this whole movie just looks terrible to me.

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It does look better than I thought. Still don't like the jumpsuits. I know they're supposed to be like the original X-Men suits, but still.

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Still not impressed, not happy with Havok at all.

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Eh not loving havok or Beast's weird feet O_O but banshee looks pretty awesome

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Why does the Professor have an accent? 

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Stardust was amazing.

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Wow, very nice! Thx for sharing these with us! :)

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So... I'm so thrown off by the movie continuity. Right now in the previews it looks like Mystique is digging up on Beast, but Azazel is in the movie so what the heck?
Also, in the X-Men Men Origins: Wolverine game they hinted that Wraith was Nightcrawler's father..
So confused, but oh well.
For everything that I see as great in this movie, I see things that throw me off as well. I don't know how to feel about it, but I will definitely give it a shot.

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This is looking quite good.

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Really looking forward to this now. Although i still have a feeling its going to be my least favorite Superhero movie this summer.

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    Really-  The only one not calling out to me enough is Captain America. And don't label me unpatriotic its, Cap seems to dull at the moment. Maybe another trailer will help.

But out of all I've seen, I would really like to see Darwin's powers come into play in the movie.
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@Sobe Cin: I no what you mean, i have never really been a huge Cap fan, but i have a feeling it will be good.
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@mgrman5 said:
"Banshee looks pretty beast and beast kinda looks ok, but havok is probably the worst the hole needing a chest suit thing is just not working for me the whole part about havok was that he was different from his brother he could actually control his powers which was cool cause he could do amazing things with them. "

Havok did have troubles controling his powers and did need a special suit to help him out.



The more I see of this movie the more interested I become. 

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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND X-MEN PLEASE DONT HAVE HAVOC BE CYCLOPS' FATHER!!!!!!!! Besides the fact this fil looks freaking amazing, screw the fanboys this looks like an X-Men film.
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Lol @ Havok's hula-hooping energy blasts. I rather he be Cyclops' older brother or uncle rather than father.

It looks like in the Beast trailer, he dropped a syringe, so it looked like he tried to cure himself but ended up speeding up his mutation instead.

Banshee can't spit game to Maeve or whoever that woman was and still no display/sequences with Darwin using his abilities, if he has them in the movie.

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Where the frig is Mystique's trailer? She's a bigger character than Havok or Banshee. C'mon, Jennifer Lawrence got nominated for an OSCAR. I'm more excited to see what she's going to do than any of the other kids.

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You think Fox would have learned their lesson from that abomination in Wolverine on which is not to be named.

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I really hope that this film does better than what its trailers are showing. I remember being excited with Deadpool, Gambit and diamond Emma Frost which the trailers had. But BAM! Wolvie Origins sucked big time. I'm really crossing all my fingers for First Class not to share the same fate.

As for the question, I like BANSHEE the most. I'm also digging Havok although i certainly wish that he is not reassigned as Cyclops elder relatives. Damn i hate it when Silverfox became Emma's freaking sister when the latter had real life siblings. Curious enough though with Beast.
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Despite the fact this is Fox and what they've done to the X franchise, I am still holding out hope for this for some inane reason.  Guess I just want a decent super hero movie, even if things aren't what they should be. 
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Looking better than I expected

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that was awesome

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I have never, ever liked Banshee...until now. Holy crap does he look awesome.

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Banshee and Angel Salvadore are the main reasons I'm desperate to see this film.

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Remember, this movie is as much a reboot/relaunch (as stated by both producers Donner and Singer in interviews) as it is a prequel.

It will set up the rivalry between Xavier and Magneto that we see in the previous X-Men films, but it doesn't hold to that continuity (for instance, Moira is in First Class despite being in The Last Stand which would have taken place decades later).

Think of it as retroactive-continuity, if you'd like.

Those character trailers are great imo.
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im not even gon get annoyed that the characters & the timeline might not be consistent with the comic, w/e cuz none of the other movies were LOL

it looks like a GREAT movie, im excited
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i thought havok ( cyclops brother) is the young one and scott is the older brother

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They're really promoting this movie like crazy. I wish Captain America would get this much attention. Anyways I've been looking forward to this movie from the start even though most people showed no interest in it and wrote it off as a failure. I hope it blows away all the previous X-Men movies

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Awesome. They nailed the casting for this film for one. The whole vibe is great.

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Wow this is looking better and better

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it's gonna be sick!!!

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Banshee and Havok look pretty bad ass

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 definitely: banshee

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As a long-term scoffer, I have to say this movie looks promising.  While the first two films were fairly good, though ultimately unsatisfying, the second two made me despise the franchise.  This film appears to be reversing that trend and might make the series worth something.

I used to beg for a reboot, but let's see how this plays out.
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Finally Non mainstream mutants. I pray this movie does well.

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It's like Fox went to marvel and said "we saw Iron man, that's how you make a movie, will you come show us how to do that."

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The movie is looking fantastic.I hope it will be better than X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins:Wolverine

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-blown away-

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