etragedy's X-Men First Class Special #1 - The Museum of Oddities and other tales review

Not Terribly Special

Bridging the gap between the first two volumes of X-Men: First Class, was the X-Men: First Class Special. But, 'Special' is a relative term. Here it seems to mean, 'a longer issue of X-Men: First Class put out during the downtime between regular issues'. Oh, well, let's dive in, shall we?
The first story, 'The Museum of Oddities', is a lightweight story about Beast and Iceman investigating a paranormal occurrence that they believe is actually a mutant. The art is decent, and the story is O.K.
The second story, 'Soul of a Poet', is just bad. It comes across, as contrived, invents a new type of mutant: 'neo-mutants' solely for the purpose of its silly 8 page story, and vastly expands upon the powers of Charles Xavier. It's exactly this kind of story that makes X:FC such an annoying series at times.
The third story, 'A Girl and her Dragon', is the best of the lot. A touching, bonding moment between Scott Summers and Katherine Pryde.
From this point on, the remaining 9 pages of the book are taken up by three comic shorts by Parker and Coover ('The Key', 'Men Fear the Blob', and 'The Mental Might of Marvel Girl', which are all fine, but have about as much depth to them as the old Fred Hembeck editorial cartoons from the Bullpen Bulletin pages), a page and a half of letters, and five and a half pages of biographies on the X-Men which are thoroughly unnecessary in the Internet era, or to anyone who's ever picked up an issue of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.
Soo... if you can pick it up in a back issue bin for cheap - check it out. 
Otherwise, you aren't missing much.

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