etragedy's X-Men: First Class #4 - Road Trip review

Two X-Men on Vacation

One of the great things Chris Claremont did on his legendary run on the X-Men was show the X-Men hanging out in the living room, pursuing their hobbies, or playing baseball on the lawn. It's something I've though has been sorely missing from the series since the 1980s - that is, until I read this issue.
Simply, this issue is all about Bobby and Hank taking a road trip to Florida when school's on break. They get into some minor misadventures along the way, and do have cause to use their powers a few times, but mostly it's just a look at how two team mates, the two most misfit of the lot, come to relate to each other.
Not earth-shattering, nor is it supposed to be. Just casual and fun.

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