etragedy's X-Men: First Class #14 - Lava Man Attack! review

A Dramatic Improvement

The second part of the X-Men / Robot Man / Lava Men story is actually the best issue of X-Men: First Class we've seen in awhile, it has some great dramatic tension, and for once the some of the jokes are actually funny. The X-Men having to deal with two different situations, the Lava Men and a malfunctioning Robot Man at the same time is the kind of tension filled plots we haven't seen often since the X-Men of the 80s. Although the robot-in-search-of-humanity theme here is a bit cliché, the issue is delivered with enough forward momentum that it gets over that hump.
The backup story here, 'Missing Angel', is wonderful for being completely without any text whatsoever, yet still it achieves its goal of highlighting Angel's past adventures with the team, as well as making us feel the X-Men's sense of loss with his absence. It too is a bit cliché in a sitcom-retrospective-flashback-highlight-reel-episode kind of way but, again, it is able to overcome that with the power of the story and art.
If this is any indication, Parker and Cruz just might put this series to bed on a high note.


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