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We care about continuity, really we do... except when we don't.

O.K., I can take a joke. 

Although X-Men: First Class is officially supposed to be in-continuity, it's had a terrible track record at squaring things with what's come before. The creators take this issue to answer their critics on the subject. The story opens with some comic fans called the 'Continuiteens' (get it?) who have to try to 'fix' reality.
The flimsy excuse for this is that Mysterio has acquired some swamp water from the Nexus of All Realities and is using it in his vendetta on Spider-Man, dragging the entire Marvel Universe into a continuity nightmare.
So, I can accept the cartoony art in what is in-effect, a cartoony story (as opposed to a serious one like last issue), but I still have a couple problems though. I'm a firm believer that fourth wall humor works best when used subtly (ala She-Hulk), and this story is anything but subtle.
But the bigger issue is, now that the authors of X-Men: First Class have let us know that the are aware of their continuity problems, does that mean they will correct them, or at least work to be better about it in the future? It seems unlikely, as lines like, ..."it never ends -- it's all cyclical! Don't you see? Everything eventually comes back -- is undone! Exactly what happens doesn't matter!"  seems to indicate that they just don't care.
Well, let's see where they go from here.


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