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Join THE ASTONISHING X-MEN, X-FACTOR, and the NEW X-MEN for the first steps towards the fate of the entire mutant race.

The remaining X-Teams gather to mourn the loss of one of their own. Not a member of one of their teams, or one of Xaviers other ventures, but a mutant like them. After the loss of over 90 percent of the population Homo-Superior has become an endangered species. Despite this mutant's relative anonymity and the mundane nature of his death, when the total of mutants numbers only in the thousands there is cause for concern when any mutant loses a life. Even Sebastian Shaw comes out of the shadows to pay his respect to this mutant boy.

Beast believes that there is not even enough genetic diversity to keep the species alive. Scott Summers feels some form of guilt for being unable to convince him to join the Institute. Mercury recalls the number of funerals they have been a part of, and she is not even a sophomore. Tension runs high in this one-shot, which is to be part one of the Endangered Species story-arch. With the entire species of mutants on the endangered list, what will become of our beloved heroes?

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