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The stories of post-disbanding X-Men members continue in the second and last part of this mini-series: 

  • "Lights Out" - Beast goes to the ruins of the Xavier institute for the last time. He cleans the place, gets rid of detailed documents about every student who ever set foot on the mansion's grounds and sends important files (like the anti-viral to the Legacy virus) to safe places. After collecting remains of Sentinels and packing No-Girl for the ride, Hank makes a final jump over the ruins and leaves the place, perhaps for the last time.
  • "Planting Seeds" - Old memories lead Illyana Rasputin to her current state: A demon-like creature in Limbo. She refuses to become evil as Belasco – the demon who trapped her in Limbo – wants, even if it'll give her old life back; she won't let anyone else suffer like she did. Illyana realizes that the first step is to regain her heart and she heads to Xavier's mansion to find her brother and friends. The sight of the ruined institute makes her sadder and now she thinks that she can't return home by love only by suffering; but she won't do it alone and everyone who ever hurt her will pay.

  • "The Hole" - Havok sits in a cell deep in space. His greatest torment is to hear Polaris' screams of pain as she's being tortured by his brother Vulcan's followers. Vulcan shows his face to tell Alex about the fall of the X-Men, death of Xavier – all because of a mutant baby. Despite Vulcan's desire to break his spirit, the news of a newborn mutant actually makes Havok stronger, filled with hope and willing to defeat his brother when the time will come.

  • "Idée Fixe" - Forge wakes up in a hospital after the attack by Bishop and the disbanding of the X-Men. He channels his thoughts to one direction: the components of time travel Cable brought from the future. Forge goes back to his ruined lab, but being attacked by Bishop. This time he fights back, but looses anyway. When he regains conscious, the components are gone along with a bionic arm. Forge clings on his thoughts and ideas, sketches them before they will be lost forever. He locks himself in the lab and continues on working on his many ideas, hopefully with no other interruptions.

  • "The Sun Also Sets" - Dani Moonstar sits in her secluded cabin in the woods of Colorado. Surge breaks in, mumbles and faints. When she wakes up, Surge says that she failed her friends as a team leader and can't live with that burden. Later Dani takes her for a walk outside. Dani says that she can't do a thing and there are always sacrifices; it only makes Surge furious. Dani says that the only way to deal with pain is to use it, if you can't fight it – embrace it. Despite Dani's appreciated help, eventually Surge is not convinced.

Hank bids farewell to the mansion with a final act of acrobatics.

Illyana current looks are not of the cute little sister of Colossus, but she is still blonde and that's all that matters, right?

For years Scott and Alex couldn't get along but eventually they did, so it seems that even this moment between Alex and his brother Gabriel is a step in the right direction. Or not.

Although the saying is "Third time's the charm", it's really painful to watch Forge gets his ass handed to him by Bishop for the third time in the last 5 months.

Finally, Surge found who is to blame for what happened to Mutantkind – nature – and showed no mercy. How come no one thought about it before?!

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