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8-Pages vs Character Development

 I really love these kinds of books, multiple stories, short, to the point, art reflects the the character and we see development of the characters that we don't get in the main titles because of the lack of pages or because they aren't big characters. 

"From Husk til Dawn"

I had already expressed that Husk needed to make an appearance in this story arc, not only do her powers work brilliantly against the vampires but her best friend, jubilee, was the one that was taken and converted. Of all the stories this is the one that I was looking forward to the most.  
The art and writing.
The art was great after Husk revieled that it was her and she started kicking butt. The writing was good, not the greatest but it still felt like the Husk I remembered.   
we see that she still cares about Jubilee, even though I can't think of them being on panel together since the days of Uncanny and Husk dating Angel. This issue proves that Husk is still a capable X-Men that can handel herself in battle, and still crack a little joke.  

"I'm gonna stake you, Sucka."

I think Dazzler has been used a lot lately. We see her all the time with Northstar and used as a team filler. This arc seemed like a perfect chance for her to use her powers to really do some damage, but the vamps are basically immune to her as long as they wear a special medallion. Sucks to be Alli, right? Wrong, she still can kick some vamp butt.  
The art and writing. 
I love the dreamy feel o the art and it works amazingly with her powers, side: Sheba looked like a funky version os Mystique. The writing has some really great aspects, showing her intelect while keeping a good level of light humor with the situation. the retro Vamps did seem a little forced and the dialouge between Dazzler and "Sheba Sugarfangs" seemed really forced.  
Allison is one of the X-Men's under-rated power houses. We again find the hero completely able to take care of herself, but it really seemed that the Vamps could have taken her out easily if they tried. Her main powers were useless and she could have been killed if they all ganged up on her. In the end we see a forced bit of character development because of what Sheba said about freaks judging themselves more harshly. While yes, it is interesting to see Dazzler react to this, I don't see the Vamp really having this conversation with her as the are battleing.  

"Rue Blood"

The whole issue seems slightly off when Rogue appears and kills a Vamp but says that she cannot believe that she just did it. Turns out Rogue is possessed by Martha, aka No-Girl. No-Girl often appears in these brief stories and shines. While I think having her take Rogue out for a spin seems like a bigger issue than the make it seem, I doubt we will ever see rogue react to being taken for a joy ride.  
The art and writing. 
Not a huge fan of the art in this issue, rogue looked funny and I still cannot tell that the one Vamp was supposed to be Indian. The writing was okay after you understand that it is Martha and not Rogue. Another pop-culture reference, They have been in over-supply during the Curse of the mutants arc, of how Rogue looks like Sookie from True Blood. You'll laugh cause Sookie is played by Anne Paquin, the actress that played Rouge in the movies.  
We see Martha and ernst's relationship, that the two of them have practically had their minds merge because of all the contact they have had over the years. We see Martha fall in love and out of it and even kill the one that this all happens with.
 This all because Martha is supposed to be the reincarnation of the Vamps former love, but it wasn't in the cards that they met now. Her a floating brain, him an undead killer. Maybe next life.  
3.5-5  I like Martha, but the art really took away from the storie.  

" Survivors"

Still not sure how genuine Magneto is bing on the X-Men again. This is some all out battle that takes place while Wolverine is not infected, not sure were it would fit in but let us ignore continuity.  
The art and writing. 
The art was amazing for Magneto. It was very dramatic and some part seemed very powerful. The writing was very good for Magneto, but the whole friend from before the holocaust that survived all this time just to fight magneto in this seen seemed more farfetched the moree you think about it. Plus I read Testiment and don't recall him at all.  
It confirms that Magneto is a cold man that has been hardend by his life. We see the reference to his surviving the holocaust which I think is forgotten by many writers. We see that even though this was once afriend, Magneto did what had to be done for the mutant race. Proving that he put his religion and former life completely behing him. He also rejects Cyclops in the moments following suggesting the inner conflict of what he has become over the years.  
The issue ends with the first appearance of Dracula going against the X-Men. I'll be honest not really my thing so I didn't read it.

Take the book for what it is, If you like these, short stories with the side characters getting to shine, get it. Plus it is nice to see the characters drawn by different artists.
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