baddamdog's X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - X-Men Vs. Vampires #1 - From Husk Til Dawn; I’m Gonna Stake You, Sucka; Rue Blood; Survivors review

Vampy Goodness

I thought it would be best to judge each story separately and then make a final judgement at the end , here it goes...  

Story One: From Husk til Dawn 

One of my favourite of the four stories, but only probably because it was a Husk solo story, who is one of my favourite characters and doesn't get enough spotlight! Here she is kicking some major vampire butt looking for old generation x gal pal jubilee. There's not much story to the err story, just Husk showing just exactly what she can do with her powers! However, I hate Tom Raney's art, I just find it ugly, which is what brought this issue down for me - 4.5/5 

Story Two: I'm gonna stake you sucka!

 Similar to the first story, Dazzler kicks some vampire butt! I love Takeda's art, I'm a big manga fan and I'm hoping he'll be getting more work with Marvel, one teeny tiny flaw is that his work is a bit static, meaning characters look like they're standing still even though they're shown to be moving, but that's about it. Also I thought the dialogue in this stories a bit awkward and the pacing seemed a tad too quick for me, but's Dazzler at her best so it's a 4/5 

Story Three: Rue Blood

 What I liked: The surprise inclusion, and twist, of Martha and Ernst. If you like these two obscure Morrison created characters, pick this up!  

What I disliked: Quite a lot. My least favourite story. I find the art awful, Rogue looks angry/high all issue, it was distracting. It looks like a high school kid's doodles, little harsh I know, but it really bugged me. Also, the story's pacing and panel placement puzzled me, especially the first few pages. - 2.5/5 

Story Four: Survivors

 A surprisingly emotional story which I wasn't expecting. Rob Williams writing really conveys the difficultly of Magneto's past and the decisions he's making in the present. Williams tackles the often taboo subject of the Holocaust and genocide and compares it to the X-Men's 'heroic' actions, a touchy subject indeed but this story really made me think and made me like Magneto, a character I've never been too crazy about. And I cannot forget to mention how amazing Doug Braithwaithe's pencils are. They completely fit the tone of the story, bringing a soft yet vivid visual to the story - 5/5 
I've given the book 4/5 stars, I would of probably given this 5 out of 5, but Rogue's story just brought it down for me.
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Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I definitely enjoyed Husk's entry the most, but the Dazzler entry was great, too. The entire issue read like a Hollywood B-Movie, and it was fun to see the X-Men deal with these nefarious evil-doers.

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