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Vampy Goodness 0

I thought it would be best to judge each story separately and then make a final judgement at the end , here it goes...  Story One: From Husk til Dawn One of my favourite of the four stories, but only probably because it was a Husk solo story, who is one of my favourite characters and doesn't get enough spotlight! Here she is kicking some major vampire butt looking for old generation x gal pal jubilee. There's not much story to the err story, just Husk showing just exactly what she can do with he...

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Vamptastic! 0

  The Lead Up- Obviously, everything under the Curse of the Mutants storyline. Quite easy to spot in the comics, its right there on the left of the cover. But even if you only know the gist of what is going on (dracula has literally been taken down a peg, they have amulets to walk in the sunlight. Shit has gotten real!), you'll be fine. Vamps vs mutants, hell shall ensue. Art- There are different artists thorough this issue, between each characters. Each fit perfectly with each character ...

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8-Pages vs Character Development 0

 I really love these kinds of books, multiple stories, short, to the point, art reflects the the character and we see development of the characters that we don't get in the main titles because of the lack of pages or because they aren't big characters.   "From Husk til Dawn" I had already expressed that Husk needed to make an appearance in this story arc, not only do her powers work brilliantly against the vampires but her best friend, jubilee, was the one that was taken and converted. Of all th...

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Yay, vampires; Squares' review of Curse of the Mutants etc 1 1

Once in a while my room mate asks why I bother reading X-men titles if they annoy me so often. I still haven't come up with a proper answer.So, vampires have descended on San Francisco. Can't say I blame them, it's a beautiful city, and the weather's pretty wonderful. But I have to wonder why they didn't pick somewhere like...oh, I don't know, New York? Doesn't most of the Blade series take place there, anyways? My point is that they seem to have picked the ci...

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