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Bloody good fun

Storm and Gambit: Curse of the mutants one-shot has something(s) that I feel is severely lacking in the current X-books.   First is the actually usage of my all time favorite mutant: Storm, who seems to get maybe a small panel and one line of dialogue in recent stories.   I’m not sure why Cyclops and Emma seem to be running things all on their own right now, but it’s great to see Storm get the “screen” time she deserves.   Secondly this issue was penciled by my favorite comic artist to date, the wonderful Chris Bachalo!   I love almost everything this man does and in my eyes can do almost no wrong (drawing wise at least). 


The cover of the book is honestly a little ugly.   Storm looks fine but Gambits face looks really weird and the vampires on the cover don’t fare much better.   I’m not one who usually spends the extra cash to buy variant covers, but I would have gladly purchased the alternate cover if I would have been able to find it.

If you read my header then you already know how I felt about the art inside the book.   Seeing the way Bachalo does his thing always gets me excited. I love his style, panel layout and detail of not only the characters but also the environment, and this issue is no exception.   OK, well maybe there are a few exceptions.   The way Strom’s face is drawn is often very strange.   It looks flat a blocky and when she is supposed to be showing surprised facial expression, it looks really…goofy.   Also Bachalo’s action scenes can be a bit hard to follow sometimes.   I found myself having to scan certain pages several times to figure out what was going on.   Otherwise great art and great coloring as well, I hope to be seeing Bachalo in the X-books again soon!


The Curse of the mutants’ story line has yet to wow me.   And, anyone looking to see how I feel about the newest X-men series should read my other review.   This story was a fun one and it ended well.   I really loved seeing Storm with a sword, it was kick-ass.   Time will tell if this whole vampire story thingy will bang or bust but let’s at least hope it’s a fun ride.

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