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Stay Away From This

The Story: 

Short stories that tie into the Curse Of The Mutants story arc. 

My Thoughts:

This hardcover is comprised of five issues that tie into the Curse Of The Mutants story arc. This book feels very rushed, like a lot of random material was thrown together to try and boost sales.

The first issue is about Storm and Gambit. The beautiful cover is the only good thing about the issue. Chris Bachalo's art is not very attractive. He is a good artist but I don't like it when he does work like this. A lot of it feels rushed and it tends to be very distracting especially when it's hard to depict what you're looking at. The story itself is nothing special. The dialogue is rather bland, failing to invoke any excitement at all.

The next issue is called Smoke And Blood which follows the X-Club. There is seriously not one good thing about this issue. The artwork is simply atrocious. The writing is god awful. It felt like it dragged on forever. Horrible, horrible work here.

The third issue centers around Blade and takes place before the Vampires arrive in San Francisco. A very awesome cover from Dave Wilkins was probably the best thing. At least this issue offered some decent action. It was still nowhere good enough to give any sort of praise. The interior artwork was better than the first two issues, but that isn't saying much.

The final two issues were X-Men Vs. Vampires #1-2 which have about three to four short stories in each issue. This was about as good as this book got. The story about Hush wasn't bad as Tom Raney delivered some nice art. The Dazzler story was average with above average artwork. Surprisngly the short story written by Peter David was complete garbage. The short story about Magneto drawn by Doug Braithwaite was probably the best story out of them all. Howard Chaykin writes and draws some utter nonsense about a fat vampire.

I highly recommend staying away from this. It's not necessary to read at all. Just read X-Men: Curse Of The Mutants and you'll get everything you need. This was a complete waste of money. 

Rating: 1/5
Posted by Rabbitearsblog

Awesome review!! I agree that this collection was terrible! I didn't like any of the stories except Chris Claremont's story about Storm turning into a vampire.

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