englentine's X-men: Children of the Atom #3 - Children of a lesser god review

Too many art chefs spoiling the broth

This issue starts at the Drake house where Bobbies powers have finally come to fruition, and turned his room into a snowbank. We see the mutant hating Metzinger is recruiting a bunch of loner teens into his mutant hating army. Using their feelings of inadequacies to convince them all their problems are the fault of mutants. Also the Angel tries his hand once again at crime fighting only to find that the convenient store clerk he helps turns on him for being a mutant. Yet Magneto comes to his rescue at the last minute. 
  Scott goes with his father to a robbery, using his powers to help with a little breaking and entering, but turns on the gang and his father when he asked to kill.      
  Now, I have praised the writing in this series, and I do believe the story is a strong one. Even in this issue. However, the art is done by four different artists, so there is no real consistancy to the art, and sometimes it is just unbearable. Granted I can't draw a stick figure who has been dismembered, but I am not trying to pass myself off as a professional artist.  
   Still, I feel I can recommend the book based on the insight given to us on these very familiar characters.

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