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Apocalypse and Dracula are in the face off to end all face offs! These two monsters have searched long and hard for each other, and now it's time to fight. Who will stand victorious in this clash of titans?! Read this issue and find out!


Slade arrives at Dracula’s castle and hides hi for his inability to kill apocalypse. This causes Margaret to snap at him which in turn leads her son to kill her. At the same time Apocalypse’ and co arrive and get ambushed by the locals who are loyal to Dracula. They make short work of them. Once they defeat the mob Dracula himself appears and sets his many beats upon them, they manage to defeat them and Dracula flees to his castle.

Apocalypse calls for the riders of the dark and his army meets with Dracula’s undead horde in battle. Apocalypse storm the front gates while the others teleport upstairs to handle . They set the place on fire but are blindsided by Hamilton who tosses Ozymandias through the window and torments Jack. He gets saved by Fredrich as he teleports his brothers very head from his body, ending the threat.

Apocalypse meets Dracula and attacks but since he was bitten by Drac he becomes enthralled. As Dracula gloats before feasting on Apocalypse Van Helsing arrives and douses the vamp with holy water, Apocalypses uses the opportunity to stake and behead Dracula ending the threat finally. He goes back into hibernation and his army once again goes into hiding.

Van Helsing says goodbye to Jack as he heads for the new world and jack now a free man returns to his duty as a police officer. Meanwhile Ozymandias has a prostitute procreate with to have a clan akkaba reborn yet loyal to him. He awakens Apocalypse from his slumber.

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