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It’s about to get messy! Dracula’s army of supporters is about to make their final move on Apocalypse! It’s a battle royal of apocalyptic proportions as Dracula comes one step closer to finally defeating the enemy that has plagued him for centuries! Part 3 (of 4)!

*Spoilers and details*

Apocalypse, Helsing and Jack return to house where they find the place in shambles and Kabar dead. The only person left is the paraplegic Fredrich who has been knocked from his wheel chair. As they try to reconcile why Kabar has been killed in a manner befitting rival vampires the newly vampiric Clan Akkaba bursts through the walls and attacks. attacks Apocalypse and takes him by surprise with powers very similar to his own. Despite this however Apocalypse quickly gains the upper hand but is unable to kill him when the entire vampiric clan descends upon him. Helsing and Jack mange to create an opening but they are greatly outnumbered and prepare to die. Just then the paraplegic Fredrich teleports them away.

Apocalypse and Jack are surprised but Oxymandias is not he then explains the history of Fredrich to helsing as they barricade themselves into a house and prepare for the vampires to descend upon them. Jack is also convinced by Helsing during the experience that if he survies to give up on opium, he agrees.

The vampires descend and battle breaks out luckily for them the sun soon rises and the vampires are all killed…..except one…Hamilton has disappeared. Apocalypse and company return to Alexander house and kill the sleeping vampires and et the building on fire. Apocalypse tells Jack that Clan Akkaba is no more and he is to let the clan died here and never rebuild. He also reveals that he has been bitten by Dracula, he plans to enter his rejuvenation chamber but it has already been destroyed.

Meanwhile in Transylvania Margaret takes her son to castle Dracula so he may be safe.

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