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Exodus returns from being banished to Nowhere.

On a S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier, Rogue, Cable, and Mystique talk to Director Maria Hill about using their technology to help Northstar and Aurora. They want to try to continue the treatment S.H.I.E.L.D. started on Northstar after he had been brainwashed by the Hand. They also hope to cure Aurora of her schizophrenia. The VR programming would allow them to relive their entire lives. Hill reluctantly allows them provided they do not get in her way.

As the programming is in progress, the hellicarrier is attacked. Exodus and his Acolytes, Random, Frenzy, and Tempo infiltrate the carrier. The S.H.I.E.L.D. computer is hacked into which causes an overload which puts a stop to the programming before it is complete. Northstar and Aurora come out with their minds scrambled. Their minds seem to have been merged into one. Confused, they simply run at high speed. Eventually, they decided to stop running and face their confusion together. Joining hands, they generate a bright light. Seemingly cured, they help put a stop to the Acolytes.

The three X-Men give chase but are intercepted by the Acolytes. As they fight, Exodus is in the hellicarrier control room and constructs a make shift Cerebro unit to detect mutants. It is his plan to find all the new mutants being born after the Decimateion and create a new Genosha. The X-Men arrive and inform Exodus that there aren't any new mutants. The results of the Decimation have changed the human genome and the x-gene is no longer present.

Enraged, Exodus and his Acolytes leave. They soon venture to Antartica where Exodus bows down in front of a man in shadows with red eyes who is well-known in the X-universe.

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All my reviews should have spoiler alert on them lol 0

Okay alot of things that id like to touch on This is in my humble oppinon a pheonomenal issue.The lst three x-men comics that i purchased consisted of only 8 pages which is very small so i was thrilled when the issue had well quite a bit. The art is amazing!  I BUY COMICS FOR THEIR ART FIRST,THEIR STORY SECOND.For example i bought Superman Day of Doom 1-4  and hated the art so i didnt care for that comic too much.So Art Means Alot To Me.If i feel like i could do better than them i cant enjjoy ...

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