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Power Pack returns... and this time they've brought some very special friends! Marvel's merry mutants team up with our super-powered siblings for four more fun-filled all-ages adventures!

It's Halloween, and the Power kids are about to get the scare of their lives as candy is replaced with claws! Even with the X-Man called Wolverine on their side, will Power Pack be able to defeat a savage foe in time for trick-or-treating? "Costumes on," kids!


Katie power is walking through the woods, when her brother Jack jumps on her. It is Halloween, and he is dressed like Wolverine. He brags about how he is going to win the costume contest, and they rejoin their family. The family seperates, and Jack sees that almost everyone is dressed as different versions of Wolverine, making him sad that he probably won't win.

Katie tries to cheer him up, and he is mean to her, causing her to cry and run into the woods. Julie and Alex get mad, and all three go look for him. Katie meets the real Wolverine, who she thinks is Jack at first. The rest of Power Pack hear commotion in two different places, and seperate, with Jack going and finding Sabretooth. The two get in a fight, before Wolverine and the rest of Power Pack arrive.

They work together and defeat Sabretooth, and Jack apologizes to Katie. He then wins the costume contest due to his 'battle-damaged costume'.

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